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Jaejoong and His Baby Niece SeoHyun

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Posted: Wednesday February 13, 2013 @12::05 a.m. PST


Jaejoong’s sister shared a picture of baby girl  SeoHyunie on Twitter.

오늘하루종일..쭝이땀촌집에서뒤굴고 잠자고.맛난꼬기도먹고울서현이..씨디도받고. 옆에난그냥..우웩..잘랐어.ㅋㄷ

Translation:  All day today..rolled around and slept at uncle Jjoongie’s house.Our SeoHyunie also ate delicious meat..received CD as well. I’m just next to them..yuck..I got cut [out of the picture].