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Junhyung and Goo Hara Relationship Crumbled

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Posted: Wednesday March 27, 2013 @5:59 p.m. PST



In June of 2011, it was announced that BEAST’s Junhyung and KARA’s Goo Hara were dating, after progressing from a senior-junior relationship to a romantic relationship. However, after a year and nine months, it seems as though their relationship has come to an end.

A representative from Cube Entertainment which manages BEAST, stated, “It’s true that the two [of them] broke up. As they are busy idols, naturally their relationship had become distant.” DSP Media, which manages KARA, stated, “We inform that they have cleared their relationship as a couple and decided to stay as good senior-junior, oppa-little sister. As the two have many overseas schedules, including their own individual activities, their time to meet each other had diminished and naturally their relationship had parted.”

DSP Media went on to say that Junhyung and Hara continued meeting for the interest of the public and their fans and carried on as the industry’s “official couple,” but due to both of their busy schedules, their meetings began to decrease in number.

Both Cube Entertainment and DSP Media confirmed on the 27th of March that the two have decided to stay as friends, and return to their “oppa-dongsaeng” relationship. Cube Entertainment also commented that the two will still be encouraging each other in their “senior-junior” relationship as well.

Meanwhile, KARA is currently working on their promotions in Japan, after releasing the PV for “Bye Bye Happy Days” earlier this month. BEAST’s Junhyung is filming for his drama “Monster.”




Hopper Penn, 19 (Sean Penn’s Son) Called a Black Photographer a f****t & “f**king n***er.”

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Posted: Wednesday March 27, 2013 @5:15 p.m PST



According to, OMG! Hooper Penn, 19 said,  “You f**king kidding me?” Hopper is heard saying on the video. When the paparazzo loudly scolded the teen, Hopper – whose mother is actress Robin Wright – then gave him the finger and dropped several more f-bombs.

The situation was then escalated when Hopper twice referred to the African-American photographer as a f****t, and he went on to call him a “f**king n***er.”