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Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, Michelle Knight Missing For Decades “Found Alive”

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Posted: Monday May 6, 2013 @9:26 p.m PST



Amanda Berry, was last heard from in 2003, when she called her sister to say she was getting a ride home from the Burger King restaurant where she worked, reported the Cleveland TV station WEWS. She was to turn 17 the day after she disappeared.

The other woman, Gina DeJesus, was 14 when she went missing on April 2, 2004. She was walking home from school.

The third woman, Michelle Knight, 32, was missing since she was 20.

Crystal Bowersox (American Idol Season 9) and Husband Brian Walker SPLITS

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“After two and a half years, we have decided to end our marriage,” the couple told People in a statement Monday. “The friendship and love which brought us together remains strong, and we will continue to support each other in our careers and personal lives. We are hopeful that people will be respectful of our privacy as we face this emotional and challenging time for our family.”

Gladys Knight & The O’Jays Friday August 9, 2013

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Family Reunion Tour: Gladys Knight & The O'Jays

Take the midnight train to Thunder Valley for this soulful performance! Location: Outdoor Amphitheater Friday August 9, 2013 @ 7:00 p.m

Tickets: $89.50, $77.50, $59.50, $49.50, $39.50 (plus taxes & fees)


 1200 Athens Avenue

Lincoln, CA 95648

 Local: (916) 408-7777

Toll-Free: (877) 468-8777



Griffon vultures Ate a 52-Year Old Women In 45 to 50 minutes

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The body of a tourist was devoured by vultures in a matter of minutes after she fell over a cliff in the Pyrenees in France.

The incident has sparked a campaign against the birds, known as Griffon vultures

Read more: http://www.upi.com/blog/2013/05/06/Woman-eaten-by-vultures-after-fall-off-cliff/5511367867144/#ixzz2SYERosPf

The 52-year-old woman tumbled down a 300-meter drop while taking a shortcut while hiking with friends on Pic de la Pista, in southern France, gendarmerie Major Didier Pericou told The Times of London.

“There were only bones, clothes and shoes left,” after the vultures got to her, Pericou said. “They took 45 to 50 minutes to eat the body.”



2PM 투피엠 “Come Back When You Hear This Song”

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On May 6th, 2PM released their third album, “Grown.” While the album contains a total of twelve tracks, only eleven of the tracks were released online on the 6th of May. The album will have two title tracks, the first being, “Come Back When You Hear This Song.”

The music video for 2PM’s first title track, “Come Back When You Hear This Song,” was released along with the album on May 6th. The concept of the video is a collection of words with similar meanings, including “Greed,” “Lust,” “Sloth,” “Pride,” “Glutton,” “Wrath,” and “Envy.”

Check out the music video for “Come Back When You Hear This Song” below! You can support 2PM by purchasing their third album, “Grown,” on Korean music sites like BugsMelOnOlleh Music, and Mnet, as well as on iTunes!


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