24K (Kpop) 6 Members “Seokjune” Replaced By “Hwan Hoseong”

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Posted:Tuesday May 21, 2013 @ Tuesday May 21, 2013 @ 12:05 a.m PST




It’s been revealed that six member group 24K has gone through line-up changes.

The Choeun Entertainment group consisting out of Cory (’90), Sungoh (’91), Kisu (’91), Seokjune (’90), Daeil (’93), and Byungho (’90), was unveiled to have lost Seokjune as a member. An official reason for his leaving wasn’t revealed, saying that it’s a matter between the company and Seokjune himself. He was replaced by Hwan Hoseong.

The addition of new member Hoseong, though rumored before, was officially revealed through their Dream Concert performance earlier this month, as well as pictures on their Facebook account.

Though nothing has been officially confirmed by Choeun Entertainment, 24K is rumored to be preparing for a comeback as well. Leader Cory revealed through a Twitter conversation with C-Clown’s Rome that their comeback had been pushed back for various reasons, but will surely happen.
24K debuted last year through a self-titled mini album. The group went for an unconventional debut, by having its sub-unit 4K release an album before the full group. Alternatively, 2K is the group’s hip-hop and rap unit consisting out of members Daeil and Byungho.

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