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Scott Taylor (Soul-Blues Musician) “(That’s How) I Get Down”

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Scott Taylor is an american soul, gospel and blues singer from Washington DC, that started out in gospel music. He began singing dance music in the late 1980s.

He had a number 1 record on the British dance chart with the release of “Not So Far Away” (1991) and recorded a British underground classic called “Don’t Turn Your Back” produced by Deep Dish(1993), both from Back Beat Records, In 1997, he began to concentrate solely on Soul and Blues music.


Yoobin/Yubin (Wonder Girls’) Rapper On Ivy’s Track “I Dance”

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Soloist Ivy will be making a comeback with a dance track after her success last year with the ballad song, “Torn Heart.”

Wonder Girls’ Yoobin will be participating as the rapper of Ivy’s title track, “I Dance.”

In addition, Yoobin will also be featured in the track’s music video, and is scheduled to perform alongside Ivy during her comeback stages.

“I Dance” is an experimental track that combines the three genre of hip-hop, tango and electronic.

This will be Ivy’s first dance track she will be promoting in 3 years since the song “Touch Me” released in 2009.

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BoA “Between Heaven and Hell” For (KBS) Drama “Shark”

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BoA recently sang a track titled “Between Heaven and Hell” for the new KBS drama “Shark,” and the music video for this song has finally been released.

The music video for “Between Heaven and Hell” contains scenes from the drama itself and focuses on the childhood of the main characters, specifically the close relationship that develops between the male and female protagonist. Both the scenes in the music video and the song’s melancholic tone hint at the drama’s tragic story line.

Starring actor Kim Namgil and actress Son Yejin, “Shark” is a drama about a man (Kim Namgil) who decides to take revenge for his family, even if it means sacrificing the woman he loves (Son Yejin). The drama airs every Monday and Tuesday on KBS.