CNBLUE 씨엔블루 Super Hot New Japanese Single “Lady” July 31, 2013

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Posted: Wednesday July 17, 2013 @4:08 p.m PST




CNBLUE releases the official music video for their 6th Japanese single, “Lady.”

On July 17th, CNBLUE officially released the music video for the track through Warner Music Japan and featured the band in an abandoned warehouse. “Lady” is track composed by Park Hyunwoo and written by Kosuke Oba. Jung Yonghwa also reportedly participated in the composition and lyrics of the track.

CNBLUE’s “Lady” garnered positive responses after the track ranked well in Japan’s preorder and ringtone charts. The single will be officially released on July 31st.

Background information
Origin SeoulSouth Korea
Genres Rockpop rockpower popalternative rock
Years active 2009–present
Labels FNC Entertainment (South Korea)
Warner Music (Taiwan, Japan)
AI Entertainment (Japan)
Victor Entertainment (Japan)
Universal Philippines (Philippines)
CNBLUE on Twitter
Official Fanclub Twitter
CNBLUE on Facebook
CNBLUE’s channel on YouTube
Members Jung Yong-hwa
Lee Jong-hyun
Kang Min-hyuk
Lee Jung-shin
Past members Kwon Kwang-jin

According to, Wikipedia

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