JJ Lin’s Grandmother Dies

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Posted: Thursday July 18, 2013 @11:01 a.m. PST


Shortly after JJ Lin’s spectacular concert shows and daring declaration to Hebe Tien at the Taipei Arena last weekend, the Mandopop singer made a hasty return to Singapore for his grandmother’s funeral.

Due to the hectic work schedule of JJ’s parents, the singer was raised singlehandedly by his grandmother. Due to his close relationship with his granny, JJ was in tears when he learned about her passing after a tough battle with liver cancer on Sunday afternoon.

His parents and elder brother, who were also at Taiwan for his 2013 Time Line World Tour, were immediately informed about granny’s deteriorating condition after the Saturday show. However, they decided to keep the news from the 32-year-old till the post-concert party, to prevent any distractions prior to his performance.

Meanwhile, JJ’s father took an early flight back to Singapore to handle the administrative procedures. The singer and his rest of the family only left Taiwan on Monday morning.

Yesterday night, JJ posted a family portrait and left a message in memory of his grandmother on weibo: “To my greatest granny, you will be missed by all of us. I will stay strong and take good care of my family!”

He added that his grandmother was a strong-minded woman who had fought her illness without a shed of tear.

JJ, who has since cancelled all his public events in China, will resume work this Saturday.

JJ Lin

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