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Michael Douglas and Matt Damon As a Gay Couple ” Liberace”

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It is the story of Wladziu Valentino Liberace, piano prodigy and later one of the most dazzling show stars of Las Vegas. Michael Douglas plays the virtuoso in a ravishing performance, with kohl and blow dry in silver glitter suit.


1977 Liberace met the 20-year-old keeper Scott Thorson (Matt Damon). The two fall in love on the spot and quickly end up with champagne glass in Jacuzzi and then in bed. But the love for the young Thorson is a nightmare.



Sean Kingston, Bodyguard, Band Member Sued By “Carissa Capeloto,22 For Alleged Gang Rape

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Sean Kingston will have to face a judge for an alleged sexual assault, reports TMZ. The plaintiff, Carissa Capeloto, filed a multi-million dollar civil suit claiming that she was gang raped in Kingston’s hotel room by him, his bodyguard and a member of his band.

According to Capeloto, 22, she was invited for a meet-and-greet with the “Party All Night” singer following aJustin Bieber concert in 2010. Kingston, 23, had also performed that night. When she arrived at his hotel room, he was naked and in bed. The bodyguard forced her onto Kingston, and he, Kingston and a band member had sex with her while she was “obviously intoxicated, incapable of consent.” She had consumed 7-10 shots of vodka and smoked marijuana.

Capeloto says that her friend entered the room to help her and the police were called.





Ricky Nelson Twin Sons Matthew & Gunnar “Remembering Ricky” Concert October 12, 2013

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Ricky Nelson Remembered

Ricky Nelson Remembered

Saturday, October 12


Ricky Nelson Remembered is a unique multi-media entertainment event featuring the live music of Ricky Nelson’s hit songs performed by Ricky’s own twin sons, Matthew & Gunnar, and includes never-before-seen video footage of the family and interviews with celebrities.

$35 / $25


Club 88 – 8 p.m.


14455 Highway 16 (at the corner of Wintun Road)
Brooks, California 95606

Telephone Numbers:
(530) 796-3118 – General Information
(800) 452-8181 – Toll Free California
(800) 992-8686 – Toll Free Nationwide



Clint Eastwood,83, and Second Wife Dina,48, Allegedly Living Separate Lives

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Source: London Evening Standard

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Eastwood and his second wife, Dina, a former TV reporter, have separated after 17 years of marriage. The couple have a 16-year-old daughter.

Dina, 48, said that she and Eastwood, 83, had been apart for some time but remain “close”, and that the separation was “amicable”.

Speculation that the relationship was not going well began in April when Eastwood appeared at the TriBeCa Film Festival in New York City without his wedding ring.

“Clint fell out of love with Dina a long time ago,” Us Magazine reported an “insider” as saying. They have allegedly been living separate lives for more than a year.

Claudia Zobel (Actress) Body Exhumed

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Claudia Zobel’s relatives in Cebu had to exhume her body to accomodate the remains of her father who recently died.





Seamus Heaney, (Poet) “Soil and Strife” Has Died In Dublin He Was,74

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Source: nytimes

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Seamus Heaney, the 1995 Nobel laureate in literature, who was often called the greatest Irish poet since Yeats, died on Friday in Dublin. He was 74.


[Info] 130830 TVXQ Akhiri Kontrak dengan ‘MISSHA’

♕ DBSKCassIndo ♕

Seo Youngpil, seorang perwakilan dari produk kosmetik ‘MISSHA’, hari ini memberitahukan melalui Facebook bahwa TVXQ telah mengakhiri kontrak dengan mereka.

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Jennifer Lopez May Return To American Idol For A Hefty Pay

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Source: Digital Spy

Posted: Thursday August 30, 2013 @ 1:08 p.m. PST


Jennifer Lopez is to return to American Idol for a fee of $17.5 million, it has been claimed.

The 44-year-old ‘Live It Up’ singer will be paid the huge sum to rejoin the US show, according to a source cited by MailOnline.

Lopez is said to have previously received $12 million and $15 million respectively for being a part of the 2011 and 2012 seasons of the singing show.

Britney Spears is reported to have been paid $15 million for her stint on rival series The X Factor USA.

Keith Urban is the only star confirmed to be judging the new season of American Idol.

Diddy and Kanye West are among the famous faces who are reported to have rejected offers to sit on the panel.

Lopez’s boyfriend Casper Smart previously appeared to let slip her return.

Han Chae-young Gave Birth By Caesarean Section At A Maternity Hospital In Seoul

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Posted: Thursday August 30, 2013 @ 12:52 p.m. PST


Actress Han Chae-young has given birth to a boy. Han gave birth by Caesarean section at a maternity hospital in Seoul on Wednesday, according to her agency BH Entertainment.

“Both mother and baby are in good health, and all her family are happy,” said the agency.

It also added that she will devote herself to childcare for a while before returning to work next year.

Han returned to Korea to give birth early this month after staying at her parents’ house in the U.S.

Han married to a businessman four years her senior in June 2007.

Han Chae-young

Yunho and Jaejoong, What Will Happen With The Seoul International Drama Awards (Voting Poll)

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Posted: Thursday August 29, 2013 @ 9:37 p.m. PST



The major question is, will Yunho attend the Seoul International Drama Awards to receive the People’s Choice Actor award for his role as Baek Do Hoon for “SBS “Queen of Ambition” voted by fans?  Also, “Queen of Ambition” won for Best Drama. So, will Yunho be there to support the cast as well?  The next question is, if not, will SM Entertainment interfere?

If Yunho attends, depending on how the awards will be designed, will he be sitting with the cast of “Queen of Ambition” or next to Jaejoong?

Since Jaejoong has won Best OST “Living Like a Dream” for Dr. Jin, it is most likely he will attend and probably will perform the song; however, will he be singing in front of Yunho?

How many times will the cameras focus on Yunho and Jaejoong? What will Yunho and Jaejoong wear? How will their hair will be styled. Will their eyes meet with joy or they will just focus on the awards?

Fans are still waiting for Yunho’s confirmation which there should be an announcement of something soon.

The Seoul International Drama Awards will be the first public appearance for Yunho and Jaejoong. In private, fans should know they see each other.

On September 5, the 2013 Seoul International Drama Awards will air and it will be more talk about Yunho and Jaejoong than any other artists who has won or who has attended the event. This is going to be one exciting award ceremony.

Yunho Queen of Ambition

Jaejoong Dr. Jin





Thursday, September 5, 2013
to be announced
Announcement of SDA 2013 Winners/
Awards Presentation & Performance
Live broadcast on MBC TV
National Theater of Korea

Xue Manzi (Weibo Celebrity) Admits Addicted To Sex Workers, Allege Prostitute Zhang Paid 1,000 yuan ($163.4) Every Time

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Source: NZweek

Media: / China Daily / CCTV News

Posted: Thursday August 29, 2013 @7:37 p.m. PST



The social media celebrity who has been detained in Beijing for hiring a prostitute is also allegedly involved in sex parties, the capital’s public security bureau said Wednesday.

Xue Charles Bi-chuen, 60, a Sina Weibo celebrity widely known as Xue Manzi, was detained by police along with another 26 suspects at the Anhuili residential community in northern Beijing. The crackdown followed repeated tip-offs from residents since late August.

The famous Chinese-American angel investor was captured last Friday when he was soliciting a prostitute, a 22-year-old woman surnamed Zhang from Huaiyang, Henan Province.

Local police said on Wednesday that when they found Xue, he first said he was an American citizen and claimed he would call his lawyer to handle this.

Zhang, who is alleged of prostitution, came to Beijing in May this year. The woman said she started to provide Xue sexual services since the beginning of August and the man paid her 1,000 yuan ($163.4) every time.

Xue gave her a 500 yuan raise from her usual price on the day they were caught at Zhang’s temporary residence.

The police also said that since May, Xue has procured at least 10 sex workers.

Sex workers could only identify Xue by seeing his face as he had never revealed his name or any other personal information.

According to sex workers involved in the case, Xue was quite famous among them as he bears distinct physical characteristics and frequently visited prostitutes.

Xue called one pimp, surnamed Ma, and asked her to introduce a girl to him the day before he was detained, but Ma refused, claiming Xue habitually delayed paying.

Xue was disgruntled and went to where Ma lived. Ma was ordered to find four girls then Xue had sex with three of them.

He also admitted that he has a problem with his addiction to soliciting prostitutes.

After the local police informed the US embassy in Beijing of Xue’s detention, in accordance with relevant regulations, on Saturday, the embassy sent its consular officers to visit him on Monday afternoon.

“We are aware that a US citizen has been detained in Beijing, and the embassy will provide all appropriate consular assistance,” Justin Higgins, acting spokesman of the US embassy, told the Global Times late Wednesday in an interview.

But he refused to make further comment due to “considerations of privacy.”

The case is still under investigation, local police said.

Xue Manzi, who currently has over 12 million Weibo followers, has advocated for critical illness insurance in China, initiated a campaign to track down trafficked children and called for transparent details on pollution in the country.

Xinhua contributed to this story

 Xue Manzi Weibo Screenshot
Trending news across China on Aug 25


Lee Joon-gi and Actress Kim So-yeon Pose In Photos Celebrating 7 Million Followers On Weibo

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Source: Korea Joong Ang Daily  By Baek Hee-youn

Media: Korea JoongAng Daily / Lee Joon-gi Weibo

Posted: Thursday August 29, 2013 @ 7:05 p.m. PST


Actor Lee Joon-gi, who leapt to fame in 2005 thanks to the movie “The King and the Clown,” celebrated reaching an impressive 7 million followers on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, yesterday.

“Weibo followers passed 7 million. Chinese fans always impress me!!” Lee wrote on his Weibo account, along with posting a photo with actress Kim So-yeon.

“I am celebrating with So-yeon. Although I don’t look good in the picture,” he added.

Both Lee and Kim appear to be wearing makeup from the set of the drama “2 Weeks,” posing with their fingers in a “V” for victory.
Lee signed up for Weibo last February and has regularly communicated with his Chinese fans since then.

Lee Joon-go and Kim So-yeon                  Lee Joon-gi and Kim So-yeon 2

Lee Joon-gi

Aaron Kwok Caught With Model Anna Kay At His Apartment, Called Police On Paparazzi

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Source: Yahoo Singapore By Heidi Hsia

Media: Yahoo Singapore

Posted: Thursday August 29, 2013 @ 6:27 p.m. PST


Despite having denied his relationship with model Anna Kay earlier, Hong Kong actor Aaron Kwok was at a loss when he was caught with the model at his apartment recently, and he had to call the police to disperse the paparazzi swarming outside his residence.

As reported on QQ website, on the night of 25 August, the Hong Kong paparazzi was alerted that Anna, who had spent a day at the “Cold War” actor’s place last month, is back in Hong Kong and has been staying at Aaron’s place.

At 9pm, the paparazzi spotted that the curtains at his house were moving, showing that there is someone trying to take a peek to make sure that the coast is clear.

Two hours later, the police arrived, saying that someone had made a call to them and reported about a mass gathering outside the apartment and quickly dispersed the paparazzi.

A few minutes after, a seven-seater car exited the premise with its curtains drawn, prompting several photographers to chase the vehicle, while others stayed put.

An hour later, approximately 12.20am, another car, owned by Aaron’s good friend Eric Chow, exited the place with the 26-year-old model inside. Upon realising that they were still tailed by the paparazzi, Eric dropped Anna off at a nearby apartment where she then took another car to leave.

Aaron Kwok and Anna Kay


Derek Ramsay Dating “Cristine Reyes” After Failed Relationship With “Angelica Panganiban”

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Cristine Reyes tried to keep mum when asked about the status of her relationship with Derek.

“Hindi ko pa alam kung paano sasagutin iyan sa ngayon. Dahil gusto ko kung magsasalita ako, yung sure na. Gusto ko yung sigurado na talaga,” Cristine said.

Ramsay admits he’s very much inspired nowadays previously said in interviews that after his failed relationship with Angelica Panganiban, he will no longer date someone from showbiz. He has clearly changed his mind.





Teen Top 틴탑 Kpop Six Sexy Members

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Teen Top has been busily preparing their next mini-album, “Teen Top Class,” which was finally released on August 26th.

Filled with a whooping 6 tracks, the song “Rocking” has a trendy, fast tempo, hip-hop and dynamic sound. The music video also showcases Teen Top’s distinct street fashion as well.

You can purchase their new EP at BugsOlleh Music and MelOn.

Which track do you enjoy the most?

01. Teen Top Class

02. Rocking

Origin SeoulSouth Korea
Genres K-popdanceR&B
Years active 2010–present
Labels TOP Media
Universal D (Japan)
Associated acts Shinhwa100%Girl Zombie Monster
Website official website

official Japanese website

Members C.A.P

Hanbyul (LEDapple) Singing Adele’s Hit Track “Someone Like You”

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Posted: Thursday August 29, 2013 @12:23 p.m PST



LEDapple continues to release their string of cover videos as part of their online project series, “Music Note,” with their latest featuring member Hanbyul singing Adele’s hit track, “Someone Like You.”

The beginning of the video features Hanbyul practicing the chorus to the track by himself in a recording room. Singing the track as if it was his own, Hanbyul showcases his passionate vocals with the Adele track.

Ending the track on a soft but passionate note, Hanbyul unfortunately does not end the video with a hint of what’s to come on next week’s video.

*Used With Permission

Flo Rida’s Ex-Girlfriend Model Eva Marcille Expecting A Baby With Songwriter Kevin McCall

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Source: Mail Online By SHYAM DODGE

Posted: Wednesday August 28, 2013 @ 4:32 p.m. PST


Eva Marcille is expecting her first child with songwriter Kevin McCall.

The 28-year-old model and actress, who previously dated rapper Flo Rida, says her pregnancy has so far been a ‘magical’ experience and has fulfilled a lifelong ‘dream’.

And the America’s Next Top Model winner, who is five months pregnant, has revealed that she looks forward to the rest of her maternity as a ‘mystical journey’.

The television personality told ‘Being able to bring a life into the world is every woman’s dream.

‘But for me it’s more than just a dream it is a magical, mystical journey which I get to share with this amazing man.’

Adding: ‘Kevin is the only man who I would share this moment in life with.’
Marcille first caught attention after winning cycle three of America’s Next Top Model in 2005.

Since winning ANTM, she has made a number of television appearances.

She landed a role on the Young And The Restless from 2008 to 2009, and hosted a hairdressing competition series called Hair Battle Spectacular.
Eva has also hosted My Model Looks Better Than Your Model and Rip the Runway.

She is currently set to guest star on the upcoming second season of BET’s Real Husbands of Hollywood

‘My life continues to be a bundle of incredible experiences,’ Marcille explained. ‘I get to do this incredible show on BET and I get to be a mom and live this amazing life that God has bestowed upon me. Who could ask for anything more?’


Krishna Janmashtami कृष्ण जन्माष्टमी August 28

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Krishna Janmashtami Devanagarii कृष्ण जन्माष्टमी kṛṣṇa janmāṣṭami), also known as Krishnashtami, Saatam Aatham, Gokulashtami, Ashtami Rohini, Srikrishna Jayanti, Sree Jayanti or sometimes merely as Janmashtami, is an annual commemoration of the birth of the Hindu deity Krishna, the eighth avatarof Vishnu.


Hindus celebrate Janmashtami by fasting and staying up until midnight, the time when Krishna is believed to have been born. Images of Krishna’s infancy are placed in swings and cradles in temples and homes. At midnight, devotees gather around for devotional songs, dance and exchange gifts. Some temples also conduct reading of the Hindu religious scripture Bhagavad Gita

Krishna Janmashtami
Krishna Janmashtami

Baby Krishna
Also called Janmashtami / Dahi Handi
Observed by Hindus
Type Religious
Date Bhadrapada, Ashtami
2013 date 28 August
Observances Fasting, praying
Related to Krishna

Krishna Janmashtami

Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago Legal Battle Over Their 2 Children

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Posted: Wednesday August 28, 2013 @ 4:15 a.m PST



Raymart Santiago isn’t convinced that his estranged wife, Claudine Barretto, was “bullied” by his brother amid a legal battle involving the former couple and their two children.

The 40-year-old actor on Tuesday afternoon attended a court hearing on a petition for a permanent protection order filed against him by Barretto, his spouse of seven years.

The petition stems from the alleged “physical, verbal, psychological, and even economical” abuse of Raymart against Claudine, as well as their two children, which the actor has repeatedly denied.