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Gem Archer (Beady Eye Band) Admitted To Hospital With “Severe Head Trauma” Shows Cancelled

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Source:London Evening Standard

Posted: Tuesday August 6, 2013 @ 8:14 p.m PST



Liam Gallagher’s band Beady Eye have cancelled a series of shows after guitarist Gem Archer was admitted to hospital with “severe head trauma” after an accident.

The musician is “in a stable condition but continues to stay in hospital under observation”, according to a statement on the band’s website.

It said: “His family, friends and bandmates thank everyone who have sent messages of support and well wishes so far and hope to see him back on his feet soon.”



TASTY Kpop Duo Daeryong & Soryong Are Back With “MAMAMA” August 8, 2013

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Media: Koreaboo

Posted: Tuesday August 6, 2013 @ 7:15 p.m PST




Almost a year since their debut, Woollim Entertainment’s rookie duo TASTY will be making their comeback soon with single “MAMAMA” on August 8th. After releasing a shorter teaser video and photo .

The music video teaser features TASTY members Daeryong and Soryong, as well as Infinite H’s Hoya and Dongwoo. The music video and song are sure to be extravagant and energetic as the music video features step choreography.

24K (Kpop) “U R So Cute” Dolls Transformation

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After releasing two video teasers for their comeback single “U R So Cute,” 24K has released the music video for the song, as well as their 2nd mini-album.

With a cute and upbeat vibe, the music video for “U R So Cute” begins with a young girl with her dolls. As the girl matures, she begins to neglect the dolls that have accompanied her through life. They come alive and turn into the 24K members who are amazed at what a mature woman their owner has become.

As her caretakers during the girl’s youth, they follow the woman to ensure she is safe and in fits of jealousy, also ruin her date. With a twist at the end, the take home message is to appreciate people and your memories of them, and look beyond the superficial. Meanwhile, the song, composed and written by leader Cory and composer Dani, sings of a man who has fallen in love.

Their second mini-album, “U R So Cute.” Is a 7-track album with 3 songs and a radio version of the title song, as well as the instrumental versions of the songs.

Yunho, Changmin “TVXQ” Tohoshinki 東方神起, – ‘SCREAM’ Teaser

I know this song is going to be a HIT

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Teaser singkat dari single terbaru Tohoshinki, ‘SCREAM’ 😀


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Usher’s (R&B) 5-Year-Old Son Nearly Drowned Now At Children’s Healthcare

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Atlanta police spokesman Carlos Campos said in a report Tuesday that the 5-year-old boy fell to the bottom of pool and became stuck in the drain. Campos says it happened Monday afternoon behind a home in downtown Atlanta.



Michelle Kwan (Olympic Medalist) To Cover Winter Olympics In Sochi

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Michelle Kwan has been hired by Fox Sports to cover the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

The nine-time U.S. and five-time world champion figure skater will cover a variety of sports for Fox, which is launching its cable sports channel, Fox Sports 1, this month.

Kwan, a two-time Olympic medalist (silver in 1998, bronze in 2002) says she has been encouraged by the network to report on sports outside the Olympics, as well, and is hoping to be involved in Fox’s Super Bowl coverage just before the Sochi Games.
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Changmin (TVXQ) – ‘BADMINTON’ Magazine August 2013 Issue (Pics)

Changmin is tall, handsome and can hit and hold those high notes

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Changmin dan timnya dari KBS ‘Our Neighborhood Arts & Physical Education’ muncul dalam majalah ‘BADMINTON’ yang terbit bulan ini 😀

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