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Sunmi (Former Wonder Girls) Solo Debut “24 Hours” August 26, 2013

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Source: Koreaboo   JYP Entertainment and Sports Chosun

Media: Koreaboo  JYP Entertainment and Sports Chosun

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Coming back from over a three year hiatus, former Wonder Girls member Sunmi is finally making her solo debut! JYP Entertainment has recently released a new set of teaser images for the singer’s upcoming digital single, “24 Hours.”

The solo singer  Sunmi’s concept seems to be bright and mature. The released teaser images are both elegant and sexy, drawing in the viewer.

The digital single, titled “24 Hours,” is scheduled to be released on August 26th, while the music video will be revealed earlier on August 20th.

The news of Sunmi’s solo debut came some time after JYP Entertainment denied rumors of Sunmi possibly rejoining the Wonder Girls. The agency stated instead that the singer was focusing on training, and has been continuously working hard to prepare for the debut.

Check out the teaser images below! Are you excited for Sunmi’s debut?

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Source: JYP Entertainment and Sports Chosun

Carrie Underwood Live Performance Of “The Sound Of Music” Airs Dec 5.

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Carrie Underwood clearly doesn’t see the need for much down time. The Oklahoma native will wrap up her current run of dates on Sept. 13, and then immediately head to New York City to begin rehearsals for a live performance of ‘The Sound of Music,’ which will air on NBC on Dec. 5. And after that? Her new album, of course.

“After [‘The Sound of Music’], I feel like I can really buckle down and start working on the next album,” she tellsBillboard, hinting that she may tone down the next tour. “I haven’t thought about it much because I don’t know what the next album is going to sound like, but I like just standing there and singing, too. I may take a different approach, a more simple approach on the next one, I don’t know.”

The singer pulled out all the stops for her ‘Blown Away’ tour, utilizing nine buses, 16 trucks, 89 people and more than 2600 pounds of confetti. The large stage production, she says, was due in part to her love of rock concerts growing up.

“I loved the energy that rock concerts had,” Underwood explains. “So œthe Blown Away tourž was me wanting that and me wanting really cool light stuff happening around me. We tried to incorporate the best of all worlds into our little stage show.”

The ‘See You Again’ singer has upcoming shows in Oregon, Michigan and Texas. See the remainder of her upcoming concerts here.

Yunho and Changmin TVXQ SCREAM Music Video Sneak Peek (2:14)

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TVXQ has just released a short version music video for upcoming Japanese single, “Scream”!

The new single “Scream” features a dark and creepy theme as it has been chosen as the theme song for the second installment of horror film ‘Sadako 3D’, which will be released in Japanese theaters on August 30.

TVXQ’s “Scream” will be officially released on September 4. In the meantime, check out the short MV below.





Angelababy (Chinese Actress) Photo Shoot For Modern Lady

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Chinese actress Angelababy is cover story for the Chinese magazine Modern Lady’s August issue.

Angelababy Modern Lady


Angelababy Modern Lady 2

Zhang Ziyi Named The Wealthiest Actress In Greater China (Annual Income)

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Source: Yahoo Singapore Heidi Hsia

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Zhang Ziyi successfully beaten her “Hero” co-star, Maggie Cheung, and recently named the wealthiest actress in the Greater China.

As reported on Hunan TV, a ranking of the 10 wealthiest actresses from Hong Kong, mainland China, and Taiwan based on their income from advertisements, music records, films, and media appearances was published.

According to the ranks, Zhang Ziyi was named the wealthiest actress of them all. The Chinese actress, who rose to stardom through Ang Lee’s “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” in 2000, has since starred in various other hit movies that include “House Of Flying Daggers” and “Memoirs Of A Geisha”, making her annual income RMB 120 million (app. USD 19.6 million).

Meanwhile, the second place goes to early ’90s biggest star, Maggie Cheung (RMB 110 million), who only lost to Ziyi because she has been less active in recent years. The same goes to Ziyi’s “Memoirs Of A Geisha” co-star Gong Li (RMB 90 million), who has been less prolific these past few years.

Meanwhile, “Bends” actress Carina Lau claimed the fourth spot with RMB 90 million, not only for her movie works, but also her numerous property investments that include high-end dwellings in Beijing and Chongqing.

Ziyi’s “Dangerous Liaisons” co-star, Cecilia Cheung came in fifth with RMB 75 million, while first time director, Vicki Zhao placed sixth with RMB 56 million.

Other actresses in the list include actress-producer Ruby Lin in seventh (RMB 45 million), mainland actress-businesswoman Liu Xiaoqing in eighth (RMB 32 million), “Journey To The West” star Shu Qi in ninth with RMB 30 million and Zhou Xun in 10th with RMB 15 million.

Zhang Ziyi is Greater China's wealthiest actress


Seo In Guk and So Ji Sub Tied Together In A Mysterious Relationship

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Seo In Guk has been flaunting his charms as the most good-looking security officer ever.

In Master’s Sun, Seo In Guk appears as Kang Woo, a charismatic man who steals hearts with his looks.

Seo In Guk Acts as the Mysterious Kang Woo in 'Master's Sun'

In the second episode of the drama that aired on August 8, he showed he was a tough and reliable man by protecting Tae Gong Sil (Kong Hyo Jin).

Gong Sil had entered the shopping mall ‘Kingdom’ late at night to find out about the fountain ghost she had spotted earlier, but Kang Woo ended up finding her and escorting her out of the mall.

In the next upcoming episode, to air on August 14, Kang Woo will show more of his reliable side by moving the hurt Ahn Jin Ju (Jung Ka Eun) to the hospital quickly. He won’t be surprised at all, and he’ll calmly react to the situation like an expert.

The scene was shot on July 26 at a shopping mall in Gyeonggi-do. Seo In Guk, the youngest member of the cast, first got everyone in a good mood with his cute antics.

Once shooting started, however, he became the serious Kang Woo, and stayed in character even during the short breaks between shoots.

A rep from the drama’s production company Born Factory said, “Seo In Guk has been showing how much he’s matured through Master’s Sun. The staff have even been relying on him thanks to Kang Woo’s character. You can look forward to how Seo In Guk will reach female viewers with his perfect visuals and strong acting skills.”

In the meantime, Kang Woo and Joo Joong Won (So Ji Sub) have been hinting they’re tied together in a mysterious relationship.

Duan Linxi First Veelive Concert In Beijing

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Chinese singer-songwriter Duan Linxi, winner of the 2011 Happy Girl singing competition, recently talked to CRIENGLISH.com about her music and upcoming concert.

The concert will be held at the MasterCard Center (formerly known as Wukesong Stadium) in Beijing on August 30, 2013. Duan Linxi has shared with us her exciting plans for the show. Check out the video.


[News] 130812 Majalah “WHAT’s IN?” dengan Cover Tohoshinki Mencetak Rekor Pre-order Terbanyak

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 photo 23_zps037a09ab.jpg

Sebuah grup populer Tohoshinki muncul di edisi September majalah musik “WHAT’s IN?”.

M-on ent, sebuah penerbit majalah, mengumumkan bahwa edisi September majalah tersebut mencapai rekor pre-order tertinggi sejak diluncurkan pada tahun 1988 dan tercepat untuk mencapai rekor tersebut.

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MBLAQ New “Love Beat”

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After making a comeback in June with their fifth mini-album, “Sexy Beat,” and title song, “Smoky Girl,” MBLAQ has released the repackaged version of the album, “Love Beat.”

As previously announced, “Love Beat” contains a total of 9 songs. Of these 9, three are new songs that were not included on “Sexy Beat” – “No Love,” “I Don’t Know” and “Prayer.” Of special importance, member G.O has also contributed to the repackaged album, having composed the third track, “Prayer.”

Meanwhile, MBLAQ has just successfully completed their first solo concert on August 8th at the Pepsi Center in Mexico, where they performed their hit songs, as well as covers of local favorites.

Katy Kung and Sammy Shum Secretly Dating

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First it was Jack Hui, and then she was romantically linked to Benjamin Yuen. Now rumour has it that Patrick Tang’s ex-girlfriend, Katy Kung, has actually been dating “Lan Kwai Fong” actor Sammy Shum in secret.

As reported on Apple Daily, the actress, who once denied romance with the actor, was recently spotted meeting him at a mall near Tsung Kwan O Plaza after successfully avoiding each other at an event half an hour earlier.

Katy and Sammy were seen holding hands and pushing a shopping cart together at the parking lot. However, upon spotting the presence of paparazzi, both stars quickly separated and tried to avoid the cameras.

Sources claimed that Sammy and Katy have been seeing each other for quite a while since her breakup with Patrick in December last year.

Katy Kung caught on a date with Sammy Shum

AA (Double A) Back With a New Member “OK About It” August 19, 2013

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AA (Double A) has released more concept teaser images for the members as well as group images for their upcoming first single, “OK About It.”

Similar to the other teaser images that have been released, through updates on their Daum Café and then Facebook, the new images show the members in similarly bright clothes in various colorful settings.

AA (Double A) will be making their comeback with their first single album, “OK About It,” on August 19th, with a teaser set to be released on August 14th.

Are you looking forward to the return of AA (Double A) and their new member?

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