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Amanda Seyfried and Peter Sarsgaard At The Screening Of “Lovelace”

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The Les Miserables star was in London last night promoting her new film, Lovelace. in which she plays celebrity porn star Linda Lovelace, famous for appearing in x-rated 1970s film Deep Throat.

The controversial film, which the 27-year-old actress has described as the “riskiest thing happening in Hollywood right now” opens as the UK prepares to face new controls on pornography available on the internet.



Kang Seungyoon “Stealer” a Blossoming Romance

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Debuting at the end of July with “Wild and Young,” Kang Seungyoon has just released a music video for “Stealer.”

With a gentle slow-tempo rock electric guitar melody with the calming voice of Kang Seungyoon, the music video for “Stealer” features a blossoming romance on a school bus as it breaks down that leads to future dates. Unfortunately, the romance must end and leaves only lingering memories.

What did you think of the new music video and single? How does it compare to “Wild and Young?” Remember to purchase the songs from sites like Bugs, MelOn and iTunes.

Lee Hyori’s OnStyle Spica Members Received One Million Won In Their Bank Accounts

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Lee Hyori Gives Spica 1 Million Won to Go Shopping

Lee Hyori gives Spica allowance


Becoming their unnie, Lee Hyori sent the Spica members one million won to spend.

Lee Hyori Gives Spica 1 Million Won to Go Shopping

In the upcoming episode of OnStyle’s Lee Hyori’s X Unnie, the Spica member received one million won in their bank accounts from Lee Hyori.

Lee Hyori told the members to share the money and buy clothes before coming to her house. Each member was given 200,000 won to spend on clothes according to her personal style.

Lee Hyori Gives Spica 1 Million Won to Go Shopping

The reason behind the allowance was for Lee Hyori, and friends, stylist Han Hye Yeon and designer Yoni P to assess each member’s fashion styles.

Finally realizing why Lee Hyori gave them allowance, the Spica members were caught off guard, but did the best of their abilities to show off their personal styles.

The episode will air on August 13.

Maki Horikita Will Play Main Character In Fuji TV’s “Miss Pilot” In October

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Media: Japan Today

Posted: Tuesday August 13, 2013 @ 6:50 p.m. PST


Actress Maki Horikita, 24, will play the main character in Fuji TV’s new drama “Miss Pilot,” which starts in October in the 9 p.m. prime time slot on Tuesdays.

Female pilots are still rare in Japan (only 20 out of 2,500 pilots at ANA are women). “Miss Pilot” depicts the struggles that female pilots are facing everyday, Horikita said.

“Miss Pilot” will be Horikita’s second time to play the lead in TV series since NHK’s morning drama “Ume-chan Sensei” last year, which had an average viewer rating of 20.7%. It was the first time in 9 years for the average rating of a morning TV drama to exceed 20%.

Ha Ji Won Becomes The First Korean Actress To Sign With One Of Hollywood’s Biggest Agencies

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t seems we’ll be seeing Ha Ji Won in a Hollywood film next.

On August 13, Sun and Moon Entertainment announced that “Ha Ji Won became the first actress in Korea to sign a contract with one of America’s biggest agencies, UTA.”

Ha Ji Won Joins Hollywood Agency UTA

UTA is known as the agency of such big figures as Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford, Anthony Hopkins, Ewan McGregor, Nicholas Hoult, James McAvoy, Gwyneth Paltrow and Celine Dion.

The contract has made Ha Ji Won a unique figure even in Asia, as love calls and her talks with casting directors actually led to the signing of a real contract.

With the contract, Ha Ji Won has paved her way toward her entrance into Hollywood.

Ha Ji Won Joins Hollywood Agency UTA

Officials have said in anticipation after hearing the news, “We believe this was possible as Ha Ji Won is an actress who always takes chances. We’re looking forward to seeing her reach farther into the world.”

Denzel Washington Has An Addiction

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Everyone loves ice cream for dessert, but when ice cream becomes the source of your weight gain, you might just have an ice cream addiction like Denzel Washington. The Hollywood actor, who recently appeared on the “The Late Show With David Letterman” to promote his latest action comedy flick “2 Guns”, admitted that he loved Häagen-Dazs so much that he gained a lot of weight from eating ice cream.

Denzel Washington simply loves Häagen-Dazs ice cream. 

“Actually at one point I got to 247 lbs. I was directing a movie and I was editing the film so I was very nervous about it and I’m in the dark in the editing room for five or six months and I’m just eating,” said Denzel.

The 58-year-old actor revealed it was difficult for him to get back into shape for the stunt-filled film, but the Oscar-winning star managed to shed the pounds by working out regularly.

Gabriel Coronel Venezuelan Actor Debuts As A Singer and Releases Music Video “Desnudo”

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Gabriel Colonel debut as a singer and released his first music video, for the song “Nude”. The Venezuelan actor and singer now 26, who has a degree in music, has waited for this moment for over a decade. ” I did not want to leave that process to start acting in music. It is very difficult to put aside something that is giving success to take another road, “explains Colonel, who is eight years in acting and today brings to life the novel Antonio Husband for rent (Telemundo).”I always had faith that the time would come”.

Finally, Colonel released his first album Naked (Warmer Music Latina), which contains 10 tracks and is now available on iTunes. “One of the issues [touches] in the soap. It is a ballad that accompanies me in [my scene] and I am doubly blessed because I am not only as an actor but also a novel I can hear my voice accompanying the melody of the scene, “he says.

The disc also includes danceable ballads. “For me the most important thing was to have very good songs. That head was gone and many of the songs were accepted by me (at the time of inclusion on the disc) “ends.


Gabriel Coronel debuta como cantante y lanza su primer video musical, de la canción “Desnudo”.

El actor y ahora cantante venezolano de 26 años, quien tiene un título universitario en música, ha esperado este momento desde hace más de una década.

“No quería abandonar ese proceso de actor para empezar en la música. Es muy complicado dejar a un lado algo que te está dando éxito para emprender otro camino”, explica Coronel, quien tiene ocho años en la actuación y hoy le da vida a Antonio en la novela Marido en alquiler (Telemundo). “Siempre he tenido fe que el momento iba a llegar”.

Al fin, Coronel lanza su primer disco Desnudo (Warmer Music Latina), que contiene 10 temas y ya esta disponible en iTunes. “Uno de los temas [se toca] en la telenovela. Es una balada que me acompaña en [mis escenas] y soy doblemente bendecido porque no solamente me veo como actor de una novela sino también puedo escuchar mi voz acompañando la melodía de la escena”, dice.

El disco incluye temas bailables como también baladas. “Para mí lo más importante era tener muy buenas canciones. En eso estuve metido de cabeza y muchas de las canciones fueron aceptadas por mí (a la hora de incluirlas en el disco)”, finaliza.

Dierks Bentley Song I Hold On Lyrics Pin Spiritual Questions To Material Possessions

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Dierks Bentley has released a new single to country radio. ‘I Hold On’ is from his forthcoming album, ‘Riser.’

Bentley wrote the new song with Brett James. The lyrics pin spiritual questions to material possessions.

“If you asked me to sum myself up in three minutes, I’d play ‘I Hold On’ for you. At first listen, you might think it’s about my truck or my guitar, but it’s really about why I do some of the things I do and the kind of guy I am,” explains Bentley.

He adds, “The chorus is really universal…it’s about faith, love and freedom…I don’t think there’s a country fan out there who doesn’t live with those as big priorities. I hope through this song I’m able to let the fans into my heart and my mind a little more, and that they can also relate it back to themselves and their own lives.”

‘Riser’ is Bentley’s seventh solo album, and it’s a departure for the singer-songwriter. “I wanted the album to be heavier and a little darker,” Bentley tells Billboard. “I think a good country album should have a little bit of it all.”

No release date has been announced for ‘Riser.’



“I Hold On”

[Verse 1]
Its just an old beat up truck, some say that I should trade up
Now that I got some jangle in my pocket
But what they don’t understand is just the miles that make a man
I wouldn’t trade that thing in for a rocket
What they don’t know is my dad and me, we drove around to Tennessee
And she’s still here and now he’s gone
So I hold on..

[Verse 2]
Its just an old beat up box, some say its just a rusted top
It probly don’t look like much to you
But these dents and scratches in the wood, yea that’s what makes it sound so good
To me its better than brand new
Yea see this here flat top guitar, has had my back in a million bars
Singing every country song
So I hold on..

To the things, I believe in
My faith, your love, our freedom
To the things I can count on
To keep me going strong
Yeah I hold on, I hold on..

Like the stripes to the flag, like a boy to his dad
I cant change who I am, right or wrong
So I hold on..

[Verse 3]
Yeah baby lookin at you right now, there ain’t never been no doubt
Without you I’d be nothing
So if you ever worry about.. me walkin out
Yeah let me tell you something..
I hold on.. I hold on..
Can you hear me baby.. I hold on

[repeat chorus]