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Col. Tim Lawler Says: “It’s Time For U.S. To Take Care Of U.S.”

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Posted: Tuesday August 20, 2013 @6:03 p.m PST



Today, Col. Tim Lawler heard on the news Barack Obama has decided to cut back on the financial aid to Cairo, Egypt. We give Cairo, Egypt One billion dollars a year!! And you know how long we have been giving aid to Africa. Who else do we give money to? I’m sorry, but isn’t the United States in debt?

http://www.usdebtclock.org/ ) I’m sorry but don’t we have homeless and hungry people here in the United States? Why doesn’t Bono

(@u2com) and Bob Geldof ( http://www.bobgeldof.com/ ) hold a fundraiser for us?

I say it’s time for USA FOR USA!!! All we ever get is higher gas and food prices, higher unemployment, higher crime rate…. Isn’t it time to stop taking care of other countries and start taking care of us? Doesn’t charity begin at home?  According to, Col. Tim Lawler.

Col. Tim Lawler
Tuesday August 20th 2013
4:00 PM

Kirsten Storms, 29, (General Hospital) Married “Brandon Barash” and Expecting a Baby Girl

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We’re having a little girl in January,” Storms told the publication. And as for the other half of that “we,” in a turn of events fitting for a soap star, Storms also disclosed that she eloped with former costar, Brandon Barash, in June.

David Beckham Underwear Modeling Campaign “The Crotch Is Mine”

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Posted: Tuesday August 20, 2013 @ 4:52 p.m PST



H&M unveiled two 10ft silver statues of the star in his undies on Regent Street to promote their David Beckham Bodywear collection.

Back in March, he had to dispel rumours that he uses a body double for his underwear shots.

“I can say the crotch is mine and the backside is mine as well,” he told France’s Le Grand Journal (via E!). “I heard this the other day. Someone said that I had a stand-in for my bum, but no, I can confirm that’s my bum.”





Khaled Mohsen Shaeri, 20, Weighs Almost 1,345 Pounds Forklifted

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Posted: Tuesday August 20, 2013 @3:57 p.m PST



Saudi Civil Defence members have to use a forklift to help move Khaled Mohsen Shaeri, 20, from his home. Weighing almost 1345 pounds, Shaeri was airlifted to Saudi Arabia’s capital of Riyadh for medical treatment on Aug. 19.




Kym Johnson Will Not Join “Dancing With The Stars” Season 17

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Posted: Tuesday August 20, 2013 @ 12:12 a.m PST



After 14 seasons on Dancing With the Stars, Kym Johnson is hanging up her dancing shoes. The 37-year-old Australian professional ballroom dancer exclusively tells Us Weekly that she’s leaving the ABC reality dance competition show — but not for good.

“I will be taking the next season off from DWTS USA, so that I may accept an amazing work opportunity back home in Australia,” Johnson tells Us, although she declined to go into further detail about the new home country gig. “I am excited, nervous and humbled by this chance and look forward to sharing more about it with you soon.”

Rita Ora Has a Crush On Harry Styles

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Posted: Tuesday August 20, 2013 @ 12:09 a.m PST



Rita Ora has admitted she has a crush on Harry Styles, and believes many other famous women are attracted to the 19-year-old star but just don’t admit it.

The 22-year-old singer, who is in a relationship with Calvin Harris, said she finds the One Direction heartthrob “cute”.

When asked if she had a crush on Harry, Rita said: “Yeah! But it’s not like I’m ever going to do anything – no!