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Ja’Nel Witt (Hell’s Kitchen) Resigns As Ramsay’s Chef & NOT Offered To Mary Poehnelt

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Witt Tweeted the following Friday afternoon: “I would like to express my sincerest thanks to Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay, Caesars Palace & my supportive fans for this amazing experience. Due to personal matters, I will not be joining the team in Las Vegas, but I wish them continued success

A “Hell’s Kitchen” spokeswoman declined to elaborate, but we did learn this much. Fox says the job will NOT go to runner-up Mary Poehnelt, a butcher from Massachusetts. That might not sit well with fans of the show, who watched Poehnelt transform from — in her words — Mary the Butcher to Mary the Chef.



Ms.Long Piau Piau & Mr.Ha Yu (Chinese Stars) Two Shows September 22, 2013

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Mr. Ha Yu & Ms. Long Piau Piau

Mr. Ha Yu & Ms. Long Piau Piau

Sunday, Sept. 22


Chinese stars! Two shows!

$108 / $78/ $58


Club 88 – 2 & 5 pm 


14455 Highway 16 (at the corner of Wintun Road)
Brooks, California 95606

Telephone Numbers:
(530) 796-3118 – General Information
(800) 452-8181 – Toll Free California
(800) 992-8686 – Toll Free Nationwide

Paula Deen Should Not Be Associated “Trayvon Martin” On “Law & Order: SVU,”


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…A Paula Deen-esque celebrity chef will shoot an unarmed, hoodie-wearing black teen she believes is following her in an upcoming episode of “Law & Order: SVU,” an individual with knowledge of the episode told TheWrap on Friday.

 The episode draws from two real-life incidents that brought racial tensions in America to the fore. Unarmed Florida teen Martin was fatally shot by neighborhood watch member George Zimmerman in 2012.

Cybill Shepherd will star as the Deen-esque celebrity chef Jolene Castille, who claims self-defense, saying that she’d heard police were on the hunt for a rapist who fit the victim’s description. According to, Yahoo TV.

Paula Deen is known for using the “N” Word so, is Trayvon Martin a dead “N” to her?