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Michael Wong (Malaysian Singer) Dream Is To Work With Chinese Singer Na Ying 那英

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 Malaysian singer Michael Wong recently expressed his interest to work with Chinese songstress Na Ying.

According to 21CN, while speaking to the media at the press conference for his latest studio album, “Crazy Memories”, in Beijing on 16 August, Michael, who was asked about which singer he is interested to collaborate with, picked the 45-year-old singer as his top choice.

Michael expressed, “I’ve worked with many great artistes in the last 20 years, but the one I want to work with the most is Na Ying. I want to have a duet with her. I really like her voice.”

However, the 42-year-old singer revealed that he has yet to sit and talk with Na Ying and only saw her at an event.



Michael Wong wants to collaborate with Na Ying

‘NSync Joins Twitter (@NSYNC)

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Joey Fatone, Lance Bass, Chris Kirkpatrick, and JC Chasez are expected to reunite with  Justin Timberlake,  who’s receiving the prestigious VMA Vanguard Award on Sunday.

The band established an official Verified Twitter account. The account had over 50,000 followers in its first five hours active on the site.

There’s been one tweet so far, which mysteriously read:


Mic check, mic check one.. two… is this thing on?!

— *NSYNC (@NSYNC) August 24, 2013


“KARA” Transformations, Plus 50-Page Pictorial.

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KARA will be making their return with the release of their 4th studio album “Full Bloom” next week, and has released their third set of image teasers via their official Facebook Page and Naver Music on August 23rd.

Transforming into Queens, KARA show their regal self, dressed in colorful and alluring dresses, posing with a charismatic look. A few days ago, KARA released their 2nd set of image teasers, which featured a concept of a Princess.

With their upcoming 4th studio album, KARA will showcase their transformations from princesses to queens. The album will also include a 50-page pictorial.

KARA have already pre-released their track and music video “Runaway,” a medium-tempo track that shows the group’s musical transformation.

KARA’s music video teaser for their title track “Damaged Lady” will be released on August 26th.

Source: Max Movie and dspofficialkara

Tulisa Contostavlos (Former X Factor Judge) On Suicide Watch

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Tulisa Contostavlos was put on suicide watch by her manager after newspaper reports that she had been involved in a drug deal.

Jonathan Shalit, who represents some of the country’s biggest stars, said the singer had also been targeted by “horrific abuse” online.

He told the Edinburgh television festival on Friday: “She got to the point I was worried she would commit suicide”.

He said: “I made sure that someone was at her house for two consecutive nights to make sure she did nothing stupid, because she was literally at that point of she genuinely thought her life was over.”

The singer is currently on bail to late October following her arrest over claims she acted as a go-between in a drug deal.

Photojournalist,22, Gang Raped In Mumbai, Sustained Internal Injuries, 5 Men Accused

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Photojournalist, 22, is gang-raped in Mumbai while male colleague is tied up and beaten

  • Victim and colleague were on assignment to photograph abandoned factory
  • Five men initially offered to help, but then became aggressive
  • They tied up the victim’s colleague with a belt then took turns raping her
  • In contrast to Delhi, Mumbai has been seen as a safe place for women

A young photojournalist was gang raped while her male colleague was tied up and beaten in India’s business hub of Mumbai, police said.

The case has brought back bad memories of the December gang rape and death of a young university student in the Indian capital that shocked the country.

The attack took place in an abandoned textile mill in Lower Parel, a gritty former industrial district that is now one of the city’s fastest-growing neighbourhoods of luxury apartments, malls and bars.

The woman was working on an assignment with a male colleague to take pictures of the factory last night when five men confronted the pair.

After initially offering to help her get permission to shoot inside the building, they became aggressive and accused the male colleague of being involved in a local crime.

When he denied any involvement they tied his hands with a belt and took the woman to another part of the building compound and took turns raping her, said Mumbai’s Police Commissioner Satyapal Singh.

The police chief said officers have already arrested one suspect over the attack and he has named and identified the other four.

The woman, 22, is in stable condition in a hospital.

The assault comes amid heightened concerns about sexual violence in India.

The gang rape and death of the student on a bus in New Delhi in December had shaken a country long inured to violence against women and sparked protests demanding better protection for women.

In response, the government passed a new stringent law increasing prison terms for rape and making voyeurism, stalking, acid attacks and the trafficking of women punishable under criminal law.

The trials of the four men and one juvenile accused of the December attack are expected to conclude within the next three weeks.

The verdict on the juvenile suspect is set for August 31. Closing arguments in the trial of the four adult suspects started on Thursday.

The police have released sketches of the suspects wanted over yesterday’s attack based on descriptions given by the woman and her colleague, and have formed several teams to track them.

Commissioner Singh said the area where the attack took place was very isolated and the men may have been local drug dealers.

The attack was discussed in India’s Parliament, where junior Home Minister R.P.N. Singh told lawmakers that the government had asked the state of Maharashtra, of which Mumbai is the capital, for a detailed report on the attack.

About 1,000 people, including members of several local journalists’ associations, gathered this evening in south Mumbai to stage a silent protest. Some wore black armbands, while others carried placards reading ‘Stop rape’ and ‘City of shame’.

In contrast to Delhi, Mumbai has long been considered a safer place for women to travel alone, even at night.

‘(Mumbai) has this sense of security … but these things make us feel that maybe we are not really that safe,’ said A. L. Sharada, director of Population First, an NGO that works on women’s rights issues.

‘Women should be able to move freely and take up work. Why should we be worrying about something bad happening to us all the time?’ Ms Sharada added.

Commissioner Singh said the federal government had recommended that the ‘harshest’ punishment be handed down to anyone found guilty in the case.





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After School (Kpop) Pole Dancing Skills

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After School is prepping to continue promotions in Japan with their new upcoming single release, “Heaven.”

Their 5th Japanese single “Heaven” is the first single in Japan they have released since “Lady Luck/Dilly Dally” in June 2012.

The music video for “Heaven” was released via Avex Network’s YouTube channel on August 24th, which begins with After School showing off their pole dancing skills gained with “First Love.”

“Heaven” explores the alluring side of After School and its music video, mainly set in dark places. The single is set for release on October 2nd.

“Kim” or, “Lee” The Most Powerful Last Name In Kpop (VOTE) POLL

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Updated: Saturday November 18, 2017 @ 12:57 a.m PST

“Lee” could be the most powerful surname in K-pop and we came up with loads of stars that could make a strong argument that “Lee” could indeed be the most powerful last name in K-pop. But it wouldn’t be fair not to include other surnames and their representatives. According to, Popstarz

There are a lot “Kim” in Kpop

This is a Short List Of Kpop “Kim’s”

1. Jaejoong

2. Junsu

3. Hyun Joong

4. Juno

5. Jonghyun

6. Key

7. Heechul

8. Himchan

9. HyunA


Miss Hong Kong Pageant Rumours and Scandals From Bisexual To Plastic Surgery

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This year’s “Miss Hong Kong Pageant” contestants have been plagued with lots of rumours and scandals – a situation that may be changed for the better by TVB, by adding a new segment into the competition.

As reported on Oriental Daily website, the station recently revealed that they have added a new segment for the Semi-Final event, to take place on 25 August.

In the segment, to be judged by actress Carol Cheng, actor-manager Nat Chan, singer Hacken Lee and actor-producer Eric Tsang, all 20 contestants will be facing the four judges as they drill the beauties about the negative news and controversies that were reported on the media about them throughout the competition.

The segment, which will also be aired on live telecast, will test the girls’ quick wit and ability to give responses, and determine whether they truly possess both beauty and wisdom.

Many speculated that the segment will be most difficult to several controversial contestants such as Kendy Cheung, who was once rumoured to be bisexual and had gone under the knife, Moon Lau, who is said to frequently use profanity, Virginia Lau, who was earlier accused of wearing counterfeit clothes, as well as the highly controversial Tammy Ou Yang – who was accused of plastic surgery, working at night clubs, flirting with men, as well as taking out high interest private loans with her classmates as guarantors.

Miss Hong Kong Pageant

Ellie Goulding Kissing Heart Throb Niall Horan (One Direction)

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Ellie Goulding has insisted she “can’t talk” about her relationship with One Direction star Niall Horan because she thinks it will go “wrong” if she does.

The singer was recently spotted kissing the One Direction heart throb and she insisted she doesn’t want to open up about her “love life” because it has caused problems in the past.

Asked about their romance, she laughed: “Oh God, I knew this was coming!