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Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf Was A Victim Of Jared James Abrahams Alleged “Sextortion”

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Posted: Thursday September 26, 2013 @ 9:29 p.m. PST



A 19-year-old Temecula man was arrested Thursday morning for the alleged “sextortion” of multiple young women, after he admitted to hacking into his victims’ computers, taking naked photos and videos of them, then blackmailing them to send more, according to authorities.


Miss Teen USA, Cassidy Wolf, was a victim of sextortion, according to the FBI. (credit: WPIX)

Jared James Abrahams, a computer science college student, allegedly used high-tech malware to hijack the webcams of many women, including California’s reigning Miss Teen USA.

The hacking software allowed him to operate the victims’ webcams remotely and take “thousands of nude pictures” of them in their homes without their knowledge, FBI agents said in a federal criminal complaint, which was filed on Sept. 17 and made public Thursday morning.

Abrahams used 30 to 40 different computers and a variety anonymous emails to run his hacking operation, the FBI said.

The first victim to approach the FBI regarding Abrahams was then-Miss California Teen USA Cassidy Wolf, who later went on to win the Miss Teen USA crown.

In March, Wolf told officials that her social media sites had been broken into, her passwords changed, and her Twitter image replaced with a half-naked picture of herself, the FBI said.

She then received an anonymous email with two more nude photos of herself attached, which appeared to have been taken through her webcam in her Orange County home, according to court documents.

Abrahams threatened to publicly post the naked pictures he’d compiled onto Wolf’s social media sites unless she “1) sent nude photographs, 2) sent a nude video, or 3) logged onto Skype and did what Abrahams told [her] to do for five minutes,” FBI Special Agent Julie Patton wrote in the criminal complaint.

“Abrahams threatened to ‘transform (Wolf’s) dream of being a model into a pornstar’ if (she) did not comply to his demands,” the complaint stated.

Abrahams admitted to FBI agents that Wolf was the first person he hacked that he knew personally; both he and Wolf grew up in Temecula. He sent similar threats to other victims outside of his social circle in Southern California, “sextorting” girls from Maryland, Canada, Ireland, Russia, and Moldova, the FBI believes.

According to the criminal complaint, Abrahams successfully coerced some of the women into sending compromising photos or videos of themselves. At least one of the victims — a 17-year-old girl believed to be from Ireland — consented to undress in a five-minute Skype chat.

“Please remember I’m only 17. Have a heart,” the victim allegedly messaged to Abrahams before downloading Skype. In response, Abrahams typed, “I’ll tell you this right now! I do NOT have a heart!!! However I do stick to my deals! Also age doesn’t mean a thing to me!!!”

FBI agents believe Abrahams likely blackmailed even more women than those in his federal charges, and they are working to identify additional victims.

Abrahams was released on $50,000 bond and will be subject to pretrial supervision and home detention with electronic monitoring, according to FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller.

The judge limited Abrahams computer use to a desktop located at his parents’ home for school purposes.  Monitoring software will be installed on the computer used by Abrahams, Eimiller said.

Abrahams waived his preliminary hearing and is scheduled to be arraigned Nov. 4.

A Temecula teen has been arrested for "sextortion" after allegedly hacking the computers of many young women, including Miss Teen USA.</p>
<p>Prosecutors say Jared Abrahams admitted hijacking computer webcams to take naked photos and videos of the women, he then used to blackmail them.</p>
<p>"I'll tell you this right now! I do NOT have a heart!" Abrahams allegedly told one victim.</p>
<p>Read KTLA's story here: http://ktlane.ws/16N4yL9

CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO LINK: Miss Teen USA and The Sextortion Case

JC De Vera (Hot Sexy Body) & Linked To LJ Reyes “Paulo Avelino” Ex

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JC De Vera was game enough to make his body “free for all” and let the crowd touch him  on stage at the recent Cosmo Bachelor Bash.

The former Kapuso and Kapatid endlessly thanked the Kapamilya network for his revitalized career as he believes landing on the Centefolds’ list wouldn’t be possible had he not switched networks.

Though tight-lipped, JC denied there’s bad blood between him and Paulo Avelino. JC is reportedly being linked to LJ Reyes, mother of Paulo’s three-year-old son.


Choiza (Dynamic Duo) and Sulli aka Choi Jinri 최진리 f(x) Relationship

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Posted: Thursday September 26, 2013 @ 6:31 p.m PST





SM Entertainment and Amoeba Culture has denied speculations regarding f(x)’s Sulli and Dynamic Duo’s Choiza’s relationship.

On September 26th, SM Entertainment sent out an official statement regarding the issue, after photos of Sulli and Choiza’s alleged date circulated online. The agency explained that Choiza is like an older brother whom she meets with often, but are not dating.

Amoeba Culture, on the other hand, clarified that it has been two months since Choiza broke up with his girlfriend of six year. The agency released no other comments about the photos.

Earlier today, Sulli and Choiza were in a middle of a scandal after photos of their alleged date circulated online. The first photo, which was taken by a fan, featured the two going out and drinking beer. However, a journalist’s account taken the day after, revealed the two holding hands.

What do you think of the photos? Are you satisfied with the agencies’ statements?

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Sex Box (New Television Show) Couples Having Sex With A Studio Audience

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Posted: Thursday September 26, 2013 @ 4:55 p.m. PST


A new television show is all set to feature couples having sex in a sound-proof, opaque box in a studio, complete with an audience.

In the show, `sex box`, intended to `reclaim sex from pornography`, the couples will be quizzed on their sex lives by a panel of experts after they emerge from the box, Stuff.co.nz reported.

Host Mariella Frostrup , 50, told a UK publication that she hoped the show would spark a “mature, intelligent discussion about sex in Britain today”.

She said that the sex we see on screen, in magazines and increasingly online bears little relation to the real experiences of real people, but this will be a frank conversation about an essential element in all our lives.

The panel of experts will include relationship adviser Tracey Cox, sex columnist Dan Savage and author Phillip Hodson.

Sex Box: UK TV show that hopes to ‘reclaim sex from pornography’ Real couples have sex in a live box Sex Box: UK TV show that hopes to ‘reclaim sex from pornography’ Real couples have sex in a live box.

A sound-proofed box in a television studio may not be a dream romantic setting, but then most lovers would probably not leap out of bed for a postcoital interview with Mariella Frostrup. Yet this is the format of a new Channel 4 programme that aims to “reclaim sex from pornography” by delving between the sheets of British people.

The show, called Sex Box, features three couples invited to have sex in an opaque cube before being interviewed by Frostrup and a panel of experts.

The trysts will take place away from the gaze of the cameras — albeit in the middle of a television studio — in an hour-long pre-recorded programme .

Frostrup, the Observer’s agony aunt who fronts the show, said she anticipated some viewers and critics would react with horror, but hoped that the programme would provoke a “mature, intelligent discussion” about sex in modern Britain.

“I approached it with great trepidation and a degree of scepticism, particularly about why we needed a box, but ultimately I think it was a really really mature — surprisingly for television — look at a subject we’ve allowed to proliferate in its worst manifestations and refuse to confront,” she said.

In the show, the cameras stop rolling as 20-somethings Rachel and Dean are the first to enter the “sex box”. Next to step into the four-metre-square cube are long-term lovers Matt and John, and, later, childhood sweethearts Lynette and Des.

The ins and outs of their sex lives are then discussed by a panel of experts including relationship adviser Tracey Cox, sex columnist Dan Savage and the author Phillip Hodson.

While the couples might be firmly out of their comfort zone, the show is a return to familiar territory for Channel 4. The programme is set to air on 7 October — at the watershed-friendly time of 10pm — as part of its Campaign for Real Sex season, which follows a long tradition of risqué broadcasting on the channel.

Its former chief executive Michael Grade was once dubbed “Britain’s pornographer-in-chief” by the Daily Mail.

But Channel 4’s head of factual programming, Ralph Lee, said there was “nothing salacious” about the show and that “strangely it’s quite a chaste programme — there’s no sex in it”.

“The explosion of online pornography is one of the stories of our time and this absolutely intends to be an open, adult, quite deep conversation about sex,” he said. “The experts we have are not flippant people. That said, there is a levity to the conversation. It’s not a massive furrowed-brow type conversation because there’s something mischievous when you watch it. We’re confident there’s a sincere motive behind it.”

Channel 4’s Campaign for Real Sex season begins on 30 September with Porn on the Teenage Brain, a look at the world of pornography by former Loaded editor Martin Daubney.

That will be followed by a documentary about a group of women’s pursuit for better sex, called The Week the Women Came, and another introducing three pornography fans to their favourite adult movie stars, titled Date My Porn Star.

Guido Barilla Told Italian Radio Gays Can Eat Another Pasta – Boycott Is Launched

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Posted: Thursday September 26, 2013 @ 2:14 P.m. PST


Anger is boiling over at the chairman of the Barilla pasta company after he vowed to only feature heterosexual couples in commercials — and added that anyone offended by his anti-gay stance could buy a different brand of noodles.

Guido Barilla told Italian radio on Wednesday that he would never use a gay family to promote the world’s leading brand of pasta, according to The Guardian.

Guido Barilla

“For us the concept of the sacred family remains one of the basic values of the company,” Barilla said. ”I would not do it but not out of a lack of respect for homosexuals who have the right to do what they want without bothering others…[but] I don’t see things like they do and I think the family that we speak to is a classic family.”

When asked if he was worried about a possible backlash from the gay community, he said: “Well, if they like our pasta and our message they will eat it; if they don’t like it and they don’t like what we say they will…eat another.”

His remarks immediately led Aurelio Mancuso, chairman of the gay-rights group Equality Italia, to say: “Accepting the invitation of Barilla’s owner to not eat his pasta, we are launching a boycott campaign against all his products.”

Singer Rain At Incheon Airport On His Way To China

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Posted: Thursday September 26, 2013 @1:50 p.m. PST


On September 26,K-pop solo artist Rain was seen at the Incheon aiport on his way to China.
He is wearing simple blue top with jeans, mathced with sunglasses and white shoes. He looked comfortable and casual.
After finishing his military dutries, Rain has been meeting his fans across Asia. He recently made contracts with CUBE DC.
Meanwhile, Rain will have first official fan meeting since his discharge from the military on October 12.

John Stamos, Bob Saget and Candace Cameron Bure Full House Co-Stars Reunited

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Back together again!

“Full House” co-stars John Stamos, Bob Saget and Candace Cameron Bure reunited at the Starlight Awards at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles on Sept. 25. The ’90s TV stars posed for a photo together on the red carpet and reminisced with Us Weekly about starring on the beloved ABC sitcom.

PHOTOS: ’90s stars then and now

“There was actually a lot of love, that’s why the show’s a hit,” Saget, 57, told Us. “It was a nicely written kid show for 12-year-old kids, mostly girl friendly. Any cast that does well now is because there’s stuff going on that’s not in the lines where you can see there’s a spark going on with them, and that’s with the love of that show. This was a kid show and a family show so we all genuinely have affection, a love for each other.”




Soyeon and Oh Jong Hyuk Are Dating

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Posted: Thursday September 26, 2013 @1:32 p.m. PST


According to each one’s management, Oh Jong hyuk and So yeon have been in a relationship for three years.
Stars are in love! Followed by the announcement of Kim Woo bin and Yoo Ji ahn yesterday, Oh Jong hyuk and T-ara’s So yeon also admitted today that they are in a relationship.
This morning, the scandal was released on the Internet that the two are dating. Then the managements of two celebrities checked with them and announced that the two stars have been in a serious relationship for three years. Although Oh Jong hyuk went to military service for past two years, So yeon waited with patience and continued to date until today.
Now that Oh Jong hyuk finished the military service, he is also appearing on TV screen quite often. Through the management’s official announcement, the two asked for loving supports to the fans.
Oh Jong Hyuk and Soyeon
Oh Jong Hyuk and Soyeon

The Four Tops Motown Legends Sued For $109,156.73

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Posted: Thursday September 26, 2013 @1:05 p.m. PST


A Detroit-area law firm has filed suit against the Four Tops, claiming the singing group owes it $109,000 in legal fees.

Sullivan, Ward, Asher & Patton filed the lawsuit in Oakland County Circuit Court.

According to The Detroit News (http://bit.ly/1h5A8si ), the Southfield firm says it has provided legal services on behalf of the Four Tops, but the group failed to pay an outstanding balance of $109,156.73.

Four Tops spokesman Matt Lee said Thursday he had no comment.

The group was a key member of the Motown Records family of artists during the Detroit label’s 1960s heyday.

Abdul “Duke” Fakir is the only original member still with the group. He’s named in the suit.

The Four Tops’ hits include “Reach Out, I’ll Be There” and “Baby I Need Your Loving.”



Fashion Designer Brian Lichtenberg Filed A $100 Million Federal Suit Against His Brother Christopher

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Fashion designer Brian Lichtenberg has filed a $100 million federal suit against his brother Christopher, accusing the younger sibling of ripping off his products and waging a “highly destructive campaign to viciously malign . . . and interfere” with his business.

The suit comes as cheeky hipster clothing lines that parody high-fashion brands — for example, ball caps and T-shirts that read Commes des F - - k Down instead of Commes des Garçons, or Givraunchy rather than Givenchy — have become big business. Brian’s dispute is over gear with the words “Ballin” and “Ballin Paris” as a play on pricey Balmain. (His other “designer ­parodies” have included logos that spoof Hermès (Homiès), Céline (Féline) and Gucci (Bucci).

The LA suit claims Brian “came up with the original idea to create a parody logo for the designer Balmain,” and that he “would often use [Christopher] for a sounding board for his confidential . . . parody ideas” and hired him to work on graphic design and confidential mailing lists.

Brian’s customers have included stores Kitson and Colette, and Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus.

In court papers, Brian alleges that when Christopher’s own business, called Alex & Chloe, was struggling, “Christopher’s desperation for money caused him to set out to steal the ‘Ballin’ parody design.” And that Christopher “copied . . . confidential customer lists” and “represented to . . . people and companies in the fashion industry that his counterfeit ‘Ballin’ design was his original.”

(In a bizarre twist, the suit claims Christopher’s “drinking was spiraling out of control to the point that he created an alter ego known simply as ‘Stacey,’ that would come out from time to time when he had too much to drink.”)

Through power lawyer David Graziani, Brian’s suing for trademark infringement, unfair competition, defamation and other claims.

An Alex & Chloe rep said in an e-mail: “As we have always stated, the Ballin and Ballin Paris design is an Original design made by and for Alex & Chloe. The [designs were] NOT designed by Brian Lichtenberg. Accept no Imitations.”

Serena Williams Birthday Plus Her Bikini Outfits “Embrace Myself and Embrace My Curves”

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It’s hard to believe that bikini-loving Serena Williams was once insecure about her body. “I grew up with a lot of sisters — I was the youngest, and I was really thick. … Being in a society where a lot of people are really thin, it was hard … especially as an athlete,” the tennis pro has said. “I had to learn how to embrace myself and embrace

my curves.” Embrace she has! So in honor of Serena’s 32nd birthday on Sept. 26, let’s click through to see the superstar athlete in all her beach-bound glory.

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Serena Williams In Bikini Birthday