Wallace Huo Allegedly Had One-Night Stand With Club Hostess Known As “Wu Wei Pin”

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Posted: Saturday October, 2013 @ 11:05 a.m. PST


The Taiwanese actor allegedly had a one-night stand with a club hostess


According to Taiwanese media, Wallace Huo allegedly had a one-night stand with a club hostess known as “Wu Wei Pin” last year. The incident first came to light when “Wu Wei Pin” posted an entry about her encounter on her microblog last July.

She wrote: “I feel so overwhelmed today. My idol (and also the subject of my sexual fantasies) spent the night at my house. It’s a pity he didn’t allow me to take a photo because he’s an A-lister! I can only say that I will never forget this moment.”

“His eyelashes are so long, and his nose is so sharp. And he’s still asleep now!”

After the news broke, “Wu Wei Pin” posted another microblog entry calling netizens not to use the term “prostitution” as she “did not receive any money” that night.

Based on her descriptions and the idol’s handwriting, sharp-eyed netizens have named Wallace, whose popularity skyrocketed after working with Ruby Lin on 2011’s The Glamorous Imperial Concubine, as the biggest suspect. The actor’s manager has yet to respond to the reports.

Wallace Huo

Wallace Huo

Wallace Huo suspected of prostitution

“Wu Wei Pin”

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