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Sebastien Judalet, 38, (Tourist) Mutilated and Burnt Alive On Madagascar Beach By Locals

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Source: London Evening Standard

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A mild mannered father-of-one screamed ‘I am innocent!’ seconds before being burnt alive by a rampaging mob on an idyllic holiday beach, it emerged today.

The last words of Frenchman Sebastien Judalet, 38, were recorded by a vigilante ‘court’ in the most popular tourist resort of Madagascar last Friday.

Judalet, a Paris postman with an 11 year old daughter, was caught by a crowd of some 300 people along with Roberto Gianfala, a Franco-Italian hotel worker in his 50s.

They were accused of being paedophiles who had murdered an eight-year-old local boy after allegedly cutting off his genitals.

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