Yang Yo Seob Selected As A Heartthrob Star Of Korea

Reblogged By: La Tray

Source: BNTNews By Sunghee Park

Media: BNTNews via (photo by Cube Entertainment)

Posted: Tuesday December 30, 2013 @ 4:09 p.m. PST


On December 29, New York Times introduced Yang Yo Seob as a representative pop-star and musical actor of Korea.
With the concept of ‘K-Pop meets the Broadway,’ New York Times analyzed the Korea’s Musical market, starting from the ‘Joseph Amazing,’ a musical which Yang Yo Seob acted as a main lead.
Throughout this article, Yang Yoseob’s interview and Beast’s performance video were introduced. Overall, New York Times explained how Yang Yo Seob captivates women’s heart through his musical ‘Joseph Amazing.’
According to New York Times, about 1000 audiences couldn’t speak with amazement whenever the spot light was on Yang Yo Seob, and audiences cried because they were deeply moved by Yang Yo Seob’s Korean version of ‘Close Every Door.’
In the interview, Yang Yo Seob respond, “In K-Pop performance, I’m always with other members that I don’t feel burdensome. But when on the musical performance, I feel the pressure to study more about musical. I believe popularity disappears soon if the capacity doesn’t go along with it. I always practice hard to develop my musical capacity.”
Meanwhile, New York Times selected Yang Yo Seob as a heartthrob star of Korea. Yang Yo Seob is currently working as main vocal of Beast, musical actor, and solo singer, firmly establishing himself as a sentimental vocalist.

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