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Jaejoong Sings Whitney Houston’s Classic Song ‘I Have Nothing’

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Jaejoong sung Whitney Houston’s classic song ” I Have Nothing” in Busan and in Gwangju.




Lee Jae Jin (F.T. Island’s Bassist) Is Dating Someone Declines To Reveal Her Identity

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Sorry girls, he’s taken.

Two weeks ago, news of Girls Generation’s YoonA and actor-singer Lee Seung Gi’s budding romance broke, taking many by surprise. Two days later, fellow SNSD member Sooyoung was revealed to have been dating actor Jung Kyung Ho for a year, breaking even more fanboys’ hearts all over the world.

In Singapore as a judge for the grand finale of survival reality TV programme Scoot: K-Pop Star Hunt 3yesterday, F.T. Island’s bassist Lee Jaejin dropped another bombshell during an interview with the local media after the event: he’s in love.

With reference to the growing trend of K-pop idols going public with their love lives, the 22-year-old was asked if he would admit his relationship, should he be dating.

“Yes I would, but I will not reveal who the girl is,” he straightforwardly replied.

When probed on his current status, Jaejin mumbled to himself for a few seconds – as if contemplating if he should come clean – before he answered “yes” (that he is seeing someone) and refused to divulge further details about the girl.

And this happened shortly after he excitedly talked about wanting to go on reality-variety programme We Got Married, where celebrities get paired up in a “virtual marriage”.

“I would love to be invited to the show. I’ll be good to the other person. (Who would he like his partner to be?) I don’t really have a specific ideal type of girlfriend, so it’s fine as long as she’s a nice girl,” he said.


FT Island Lee Jaejin

FT Island Lee Jaejin

FT Island Lee Jaejin

15-year-old Andy Su (right) from Taiwan, who was crowned the winner at the Grand Finale, will be offered a contract with CJ E&M and FNC Entertainment.


Romance aside, Jaejin also updated us on F.T. Island’s lead vocalist Hongki’s recovery progress. The singer dislocated his shoulder and suffered a facial fracture when he slipped on ice after dinner with the staff of Hundred Year Bride last month.

“Hongki is very healthy now. The members were even joking that he got injured on purpose to get some rest,” chuckled Jaejin.

2014 marks the 7th year since F.T. Island made its debut. The boys may have formed brotherly bonds by now, but it was not all peaceful and rosy in the beginning. During the interview, puppy-eyed Jaejin shared how the members often got into fights when they were unhappy with each other for spilling secrets on TV.

So, what did Jaejin do to avoid “getting exposed”?

The witty chap laughed in reply: “I would say some bad words or a brand’s name which is not allowed to be mentioned on broadcast, so that my part would be edited out.’

F.T. Island, who will be staging their “6th Anniversary [FTHX] Live in Singapore” concert at Indoor Stadium on Mar 8, are currently practising hard to showcase a matured side, two years after the quintet’s last full-fledged gig here.

Playing as a live band, there are limitations to the number of “special stages” that F.T. Island can offer during their concert. Nevertheless, Jaejin emphasised that the group would rather serenade the crowd with their music and passionate performances.

Scoot: K-Pop Star Hunt 3 is a reality programme where participants from seven Asian countries underwent a two-month long competition to become the next K-pop star. The series is currently airing on channel M (SingTel MioTV Ch518 and StarHub TV Ch824) every Saturday at 9pm. Catch the grand finale of the Scoot: K-Pop Star Hunt 3 when it premieres on Jan 25.  

“F.T. Island [FTHX] Live in Singapore” will be held at Singapore Indoor Stadium on Mar 8 (7pm). Tickets are priced at $258, $228, $208, $188, $148 and $118, and are available via Sports Hub internet booking (www.sportshubtix.sg ), telephone booking (6333 5000), SingPost outlets and Singapore Indoor Stadium box office.

CLICK ON FOR VIDEO: Lee Jae Jin Interview


U-Kiss First Concert In San Francisco

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Saturday, January 11th, the six boys of U-KISS graced the stage at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco, California.

Fans stood patiently outside awaiting the performances to come by the U-KISS members, KevinEliKiseopSooHyunAJ and Hoon.

Finally, it was show-time. A short video began to play on the screen introducing each member. Fans cheered wildly in anticipation. When the video stopped, lights illuminated the six figures of U-KISS  before their beloved KISSME‘s.

They started the show with their hit song “Stop Girl.” The crowd went nuts, singing and dancing along as the boys took the time to reach for hands from the fans in the front rows. They continued with “She’s Mine” and “Bingeul Bingeul.”


After performing the three breath-taking songs the members came together for their introductions. Kevin, Eli and AJ had quite a fun time teasing SooHyun, Kiseop and Hoon for their adorable “Engrish” in their introductions. Silly SooHyun couldn’t stop showing the KISSME’s his sexy moves while Hoon and Kiseop teased fans by pretending to kiss. As a special treat to Kevin, his family showed up to support their performances.


After introductions, they told the crowd to make some noise as they moved into more performances. They sang “Standing Still“, “Someday” and “DORA DORA.” There was also a duet by AJ and Kiseop with “Obsession,” written by AJ himself. They then took to the question board.

The members swarmed around the board and picked off some of the sticky notes written by their fans. Some were quite cute and Kevin and AJ couldn’t help but blurt them out. “Can I buy you a drank?” and “Will you marry me?” were only a couple of the funny posts.

SooHyun was first up, picking a note for a special KISSME who’s birthday happened to be on the day of the event. Being the character he is, SooHyun sang a very special, sexy birthday song for the lucky fan; taking the time to sigh and peel his shirt back a little. Oh how happy that fan must have been!

What’s a K-Pop concert without a little “aegyo“? Hoon picked a sticky note asking if he could show the crowd his aegyo with the “Gwiyomi” song. He did so happily, giving a cute, yet sexy version; even adding in a cartwheel to top it off. Following along the same category, AJ’s sticky note asked who in U-KISS has the most aegyo, to which all of the members pointed at Kevin. Kevin then took his turn at the Gwiyomi song, finishing with an extra long kiss for the crowd, “Muaaah~”.

One of the most memorable of the questions asked was one Kevin choose, “How would you propose?” He answered, “When I propose, I want to sing a song to that special girl. I’ll sing ‘Just the Way You Are‘ by Bruno Mars.” He then made his way to the side of the stage, reached for a fan and beautifully serenaded her in song, leaving her with a sweet kiss on the hand.

After questions, they sang their most requested Japanese songs  ”Tick Tack” and “Forbidden Love“.


Following the performances, a special “Super Fan” was brought to the stage next. Many KISSME’s sent in letters to which the boys had to pick one lucky winner. Los Angeles local,Reiya, was brought to the stage. The boys all pushed and pulled for her attention. Cute SooHyun couldn’t keep his hands off of her as he hugged, leaned on and even kneeled by her feet to cuddle her leg. In the end, her favorite member turned out to be Eli. They then prepared a special song just for her, their “Mysterious Lady“. It was a very sweet performance indeed.

They ended the night with their songs, “0330“, “Neverland“, “Man Man Ha Ni” and “Without You.” A spectacular show by far with lots of laughs and lots of love. KISSME’s will surly remember the fun had at the Warfield Theater for a long time to come.

A special thanks to K-POP UNITED and MNET for allowing us to attend.



Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia Romance “What About Nikki Gil?”

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Billy Crawford finally broke his silence and admitted he is indeed courting Coleen Garcia.

“Yes, nililigawan ko. She is not my girlfriend yet and I would love for her to be,” he said in an interview with “Buzz ng Bayan” on Sunday, January 12.

Billy denied Coleen is the cause of his breakup with Nikki Gil, whom he doesn’t want to put on the spot by revealing the reason why they split up.

KC Concepcion Career Decisions After Recent Suffer From Pneumonia

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KC Concepcion welcomed 2014 with a new outlook and career decisions.

The Kapamilya actress, who recently suffered from pneumonia, will be taking a short break from her career to study abroad for the first quarter of the year.

She took to microblogging site Twitter to update fans of her immediate plans, which includes taking up “short courses for professional development.”

“GOT7” Sexy New Kpop Male Group

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The remaining three members for JYP Entertainment’s new male idol group GOT7 has been revealed!

On January 8th, JYP Entertainment updated their official homepage and social networking accounts, unveiling concept teaser images introducing Youngjae, BamBam and Jr. The three members were featured in trendy, acrobatic-inspired concept photos, similar to the photos previously released.

BamBam was previously introduced through YG Entertainment’s “WIN” program last year, while JR gained exposure after being part of the project team, JJ Project.

GOT7 is scheduled to hold a garage showcase on January 15th, which will be aired live simultaneously, along with their debut music video released. They are set to be make their official debut on January 16th on Mnet M!Countdown, followed by their album on the 20th.

Other members previously introduced were Mark, JB, Jackson and Yugyeom.