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Hani Hicham Abou El Kheir, 16, Stabbed In The Heart By 10 Gang Thugs Using Knives, Cleavers and Taser Stun Gun

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Media: standard.co.uk

Posted:Friday January 31, 2914 @2:50 p.m PST



A gang of thugs chased a schoolboy through the streets of Pimlico before hacking him to death.

Judge Charles Wide QC said Hani Hicham Abou El Kheir must have been “utterly terrified” as he was chased through the streets of Pimlico past horrified members of the public.

As his murderers were jailed, police released CCTV footage showing the moments leading up to the terrifying attack.

Hani, 16, is seen walking near the wall at the start of the clip.

The group, clad in black, sprint after him. The long knives and cleavers they used to kill him are clearly visible in the footage.

The killers had set off in force from the Pimlico estate wearing hats, scarves and balaclavas and headed towards the Churchill Gardens estate on the night he was killed


Killed: 16-year-old Abou El Kheir

KILLERS:Arber Barbatovci, top left, Tarquai Joseph, top right, Ahmed Mikhaimar, bottom left, Craig Boyce bottom right

Andray Blatche {Brooklyn Nets} Considering Playing For The Philippines

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Posted: Friday January 31, 2014 @ 2:18 p.m PST

Andray Blatche of the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA is seriously considering playing for the Philippines in the upcoming FIBA World Cup if his naturalization papers come out.

“I said I’m interested, so there’s a good chance of it happening,” in an interview with Mike Mazzeo of ESPN New York. Blatche explained that he doesn’t know how naturalization works but is looking forward to the opportunity so he can get in shape for the next NBA season.

Drew Arellano and Iya Villania Tied The Knot

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Posted: Friday January 31, 2014 @ 1:24 p.m PST



After almost 10 years of being together, showbiz couple Iya Villania and Drew Arellano finally tied the knot Friday afternoon, January 31 in a private ceremony in Tagaytay City. The wedding was attended by their family and close friends.

The couple took fans by surprise as Iya and Drew never admitted to the press that they were engaged…although everyone knew

Paolo Valenciano shared to his followers a photo of Iya, “the beautiful bride,” walking down the aisle.

Paolo’s wife Samantha Godinez Valenciano, posted a video of Drew kising his new bride.