Ruco Chan Calls Natalie Tong A Breath of Fresh Air

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Media: Yahoo Singapore

Posted: Saturday March 29, 2014 @


– Hong Kong actor Ruco Chan recently denied rumours of romance with his “All That Bitter is Sweet” (previously reported as “The Apothecary”) co-star, Natalie Tong.

However, as reported on On CC, the actor said that he was not bothered by the new dating rumour, and joked, “It’s a breath of fresh air after being rumoured with Linda Chung all the time.”

The actor also praised Natalie, saying, “She’s a nice girl. She’s a good actress and people are very helpful towards her because she’s very loyal.”

When asked if there is any chance for him and Natalie to actually develop as a couple, he replied, “Nobody knows what the future brings. Who knows, we might work again in the future and have a chance to develop.”

Meanwhile, when told that Ruco was happier that people are talking about his dating rumour with Natalie instead, Linda Chung acted surprised and joked, “Why doesn’t he want me? Can’t we just make it that it was I who didn’t want him instead? I refuse to be entangled in a love triangle!”

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