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Posted: Wednesday April 16, 2014 @ 7:20 p.m PST



A truly devastating and horrible event has held the attention of everyone in Korea, including K-Pop.

The ‘Sewol’ ship, which had been carrying 459 people on board, with 358 of them being Ansan’s Danwon High School students on a camping trip to Jeju Island, hit a coral reef in the middle of the ocean, causing the ship to completely capsize within just 2 hours.

Currently, the death toll is at 5, in which 3 have been confirmed to be students on the camping trip. Approximately 280 people are still missing and only around 175 people have been saved.

Due to this deeply saddening event, almost every television program and film release event in Korea had been cancelled or delayed, as well as the schedules and special events of several K-Pop artists, as everyone is grieving and mourning for all the losses.