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Posted: Monday April 28, 2014 @ 5:14 p.m PST



Months after her intriguing posts about rape on social media, radio-TV personality Kat Alano revealed that she was sexually assaulted nine years ago.

Although she didn’t name names or a specific incident, Kat’s posts, which came after Deniece Cornejo accused Vhong Navarro of raping her in January, were intriguing.

Kat shared in the April 24 episode of “Good Times with Mo The Podcast,” that the Vhong-Deniece-Cedric controversy prompted her to speak out on her own experience. Kat admitted she was raped by a “public figure,”  but she doesn’t want to name him yet.

It’s so hard to say it. The past three months have been hard dealing with that, constantly telling myself that ‘I was raped.’ I was raped. Coming to terms with that myself, this happened to me. And I have to deal with that now,” Kat told Mo.