Shin Sungrok {Actor} Lover Is Kim Joowon {Ballerina}

De De Tillman;  International Celebrity Blogger


Media: Koreaboo – Sports World

Posted: Monday May 5, 2014 @ 6:24 p.m PST



Actor Shin Sungrok has admitted that his current girlfriend is ballerina Kim Joowon, and that they have been dating for a year and 9 months now.

In May of 2013, the two had denied any dating rumors after several fans spotted them enjoying a date on Jeju Island, however they have decided to announce that they are an official couple.

The two reportedly met 2 years ago, in which Shin Sungrok met Kim Joowon while he had been starring in the musical “Monte Cristo” alongside musical actors Ryu Junghan and Jeon Dongseok. Ryu and Jeon were colleagues of Kim Joowon in the same agency, and thus Shin Sungrok and Kim Joowon had the chance to meet several times.

From then on, the two showed interest in each other and have now developed their relationship as lovers.

*Used With Permission


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