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Baekhyun {Kpop EXO} Regarding His Relationship With Taeyeon {SNSD’s Leader}

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Media: Koreaboo

Posted: Sunday June 29, 2014 @ 8:05 a.m PST


Baekhyun finally spoke up regarding his relationship with SNSD’s leader Taeyeon.

Ever since it has been reported that EXO’s Baekhyun and SNSD’s Taeyeon have been dating, the majority of fans have responded negatively to the event.

The reason is not because the two are in a relationship, but because of their secret messaging through such social media as Instagram, when fans believed it was specifically for fan service.

From fans calling Baekhyun a traitor on ”Inkigayo” to Taeyeon approaching a fan to apologize through tears, some netizens have commented that SONEs’ and EXO fans’ behaviors are going too far.

Taeyeon has apologized via Instagram, and stayed true to her apologetic feelings even in public.

Now, a week later, Baekhyun too has spoken up to his fans.



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Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum Naked at a Spa

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Posted: Sunday June 29, 2014 @ 7:35 a.m PST


Jenna Dewan-Tatum and husband Channing Tatum thought they were in for deserved bit of R&R when they scheduled a spa couple’s massage during a trip to Canada.

However, the rubdown didn’t exactly go as planned for the pair!

“In Vancouver, there’s an Indian spa–and they don’t tell you this–they take you in there and they put you in a sari and then they take it off, so you’re completely butt naked,” Jenna told Chelsea Handler, during an appearance on “Chelsea Lately” on Tuesday.


Lee Hyori: Dear Jeju Tourists, Our House Is Not a Tourist Attraction” (Ringing Her Doorbell)

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Source:Koreaboo – Star News

Media:Koreaboo – Star News

Posted: Saturday June 28, 2014 @11:42 p.m PST


Lee Hyori has updated her personal Twitter with an important message to Jeju tourists.


After Lee Hyori married Lee Sangsoon and moved to Jeju Island, people who have been holidaying to Jeju Island have been growing an interest as to where they were living and what their house was like.

However it seems that their private property has been attracting too many people, and giving their family a lot of stress and discomfort.

Thus on the 28th of June, Lee Hyori updated her Twitter by writing, “Dear Jeju tourists. I’m sorry but our house is not a tourist attraction. Our family is receiving a lot of stress due to the constant ringing of our doorbell and alarm from the early mornings. I know you must be very curious, but please understand.”

She also explained, “Also our front gate is covered by trees so you can’t see our house at all. You will have travelled a long way for nothing. I will upload more photos on my blog so please do not be upset.”


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Luis Suarez Bites Giorgio Chiellini (World Cup) Now a Formal Investigation

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Posted: Wednesday June 25, 2014 @ 7:39 p.m PST


FIFA today confirmed that it has opened a formal investigation into Luis Suarez’s attack on an Italian defender that could lead to a two year ban.

The world football body said “disciplinary proceedings have been opened against the player Luis Suarez of Uruguay” following his apparent bite of Giorgio Chiellini in the 80th minute of the group D clash.

The incident was missed by Mexican referee Marco Rodríguez, but Chiellini lifted his shirt to show clear bite marks on his shoulder.




JYJ {Kpop} Comeback Concert In August

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Posted: Wednesday June 25, 2014 @ 7:24 p.m PST


JYJ announced a news about their comeback concert.


On June 25th, a representative of C-JeS Entertainment said, “JYJ are going to hold a solo concert in Seoul on August 9th, and meet up with approximately 40 thousand fans. It is going to be the first concert of JYJ since 2010, and many fans are showing huge anticipation.”

In mid-June, JYJ announced that they will come back with a new album, and a great number of fans from all over the world have showed explosive reactions.

JYJ to hold a comeback concert in August


JYJ’s comeback teaser, ‘THE RETURN OF THE KING,’ were pasted on almost every off-line presses, and their comeback teaser video peaked high rankings on various online keywords charts.

HALO {New Kpop Boy Band} Meet The 6 Sexy Members Debuting June 26

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Source:Koreaboo –  Osen

Media: Koreaboo –  Osen

Posted: Wednesday June 25, 2014 @ 6:29 p.m PST


Rookie 6-member boy group HALO will be debuting on the 26th of June, however on the 24th, just 2 days before their official debut date, their fancafe is already at 2761 members.


Despite the fact that HALO have not yet debuted, they have not yet been able to officially promote themselves on any music programs or mainstream shows, thus a fanbase of over 2500 fans is quite an incredible achievement.

Their agency, AYIN Holdings, thanked the fans who have been so supportive of the group, in which they said, “I think the fans really like how bright and healthy the 6 members of HALO are. Thank you for the love and support, even before their debut.”

HALO will be debuting on the 26th with their single album titled “38°C”, in which their title song will be “The Temperature is Hot”; a song with an addictive melody and lyrics about love and the passion of the youth.





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Zayn Malik {One Direction Star} and Perrie Edwards {Little Mix}

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Posted: Wednesday June 25, 2014 @ 6:12 p.m PST


One Direction star Zayn Malik seems to be in quite a rush to get married to fellow pop star Perrie Edwards of the British four-piece band Little Mix.

The wedding date might not be set yet, but at the very least Malik is in a hurry to settle down with Perrie, the supposed girl of his dreams.

According to Press PartyMalik claimed that a relationship between two extremely famous musicians makes it difficult to find “normal things” to do together.

Jung Joonyoung New “Shimshim Tapa” DJ, Super Junior’s Shindong Is Leaving

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Source: Koreaboo – Star News

Media: Koreaboo – Star News

Posted:Wednesday June 25, 2014 @ 5:14 p.m PST



Super Junior’s Shindong will be leaving MBC FM4U’s “Shimshimtapa” radio program in July.


On the 25th of June, a representative of MBC announced that Shindong will be airing his last radio episode of “Shimshim Tapa” this July after 6 years of hosting the show.

They also announced that Jung Joonyoung will be the new DJ for the show, as he had shown great radio hosting skills on MBC FM4U’s “Hope Songs of Noon” as a temporary DJ.

According to staff of the radio show, Shindong made the decision to leave “Shimshimtapa” to concentrate on the promotional activities of Super Junior comeback due in the later half of this year, as well as his upcoming enlistment in to Korea’s mandatory military service.



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Song Jihyo {Korean Actress} Is Not Leaving C-Jes Entertainment

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Source: Koreaboo – OBS News

Media:Koreaboo – OBS News

Posted: Monday June 23, 2014 @ 11:55 a.m PST


C-Jes Entertainment released an official statement with regards to recent reports that actress Song Jihyo was leaving the agency.


On June 23rd, it was reported that Song Jihyo was set to be a free agent and looking to sign with another agency. However, C-Jes Entertainment immediately released a statement proving the reports as false.

According to C-Jes Entertainment, the reports regarding Song Jihyo’s departure were false and unfounded, further revealing that their exclusive management to Jihyo’s career was not bound through a contract, but by trust and verbal agreement. It was also added that the unverified work caused direct conflict and confusion with their current and pending advertising transactions. The statement was released to clear this confusion.

Meanwhile, it was also revealed that Song Jihyo is preparing for the possible sequel of “Emergency Couple.”


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[Pics/Trans] 140622 Tohoshinki – Bigeast Staff Report

♕ DBSKCassIndo ♕

Osaka Kyocera Dome Day 4! Tur terakhir! 22 Juni 2014.

140622 1

Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2014 ~TREE~ dari 29 pertunjukan di 11 tempat yang berbeda berakhir dengan aman!

Di atas lingkaran sebelum konser, Yunho memanggil semua nama orang, dimulai dengan Changmin, kemudia para dancer dan anggota band.

“Bersama dengan semua orang di sini, mari kita sampaikan perasaan kita kepada semua orang (penonton)! Dengan pemikiran seperti itu, mari kita melakukan yang terbaik! Kita akan tunjukkan kepada mereka MENGAPA penampilan Tohoshinki adalah yang terbaik!”, katanya dengan teriakan penuh semangat.

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Kim Hyunjoong’s Fourth Japanese Single “HOT SUN” Ranked 1st On Oricon Daily Chart

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Source:Koreaboo – OSEN

 Media:Koreaboo – OSEN

Posted: Saturday June 21, 2014 @9:47 p.m PST


Kim Hyunjoong’s fourth Japanese single “HOT SUN” has been garnering a lot of attention and enjoying great success. As soon as the single was released on June 18th, it ranked first on Oricon daily chart and TV program “Music Station.”

A few days ago, on June 17th, Kim Hyungjoong held a special fan meeting in three different cities including Osaka, Tokyo, and Nagoya to meet 20 thousand fans who have waited for his return for a year.

“HOT SUN,” “Timing,” and many more of his songs have been praised for the passionate and fast-paced tempo matching well the summer season and satisfying the fans’ expectations.

Before beginning his current promotions in Japan, Kim Hyunjoong recently ended filming for the drama“Inspiring Generation” in Korea, for which his acting was met with numerous positive reviews. Overall, he has been receiving much attention from the public and the fans with his successful career in both acting and singing.



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Luhan “{EXO Kpop} Angry Message Towards Pain In The Butt, Annoying, Pest Sasaeng Fans

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Source:Koreaboo – Ilgan Sports

Media: Koreaboo – Ilgan Sports

Posted: Saturday June 21, 2014 @ 7:53 p.m PST


EXO-M’s Luhan has left an angry post on his personal message directed towards sasaeng fans.


A few hours earlier, he posted, “Could you please stop following us, now? Isn’t this too severe? However, I won’t say what kind of words you have said.”

His message, though short, reveals the possible implication that although the sasaeng fans follow all of the EXO members, their response and negligence towards their actions are seemingly worse for Luhan. Following Kris’s lawsuit against SM Entertainment as well as fellow member Baekhyun’s four-month relationship with SNSD’s Taeyeon, sasaeng fans have found many reason to snoop beyond the personal boundaries of EXO for even more insight into the group’s current condition. As sasaeng fans’ main drive to continue their pursuits is the root of competition against other fans, following the group members and attempting to derive as much as possible is almost a needed task for them to accomplish.

EXO has mentioned the topic of sasaeng fans during various interviews before, though it is the first time any member has directly warned them via social networking. This brings additional concern regarding the already huge amount of sasaeng fans surrounding the rookie group. From sasaeng fans invading Baekhyun’s brother’s wedding to the selling online of D.O.’s briefs (as well as promised underwear from Sehun) for $94, proper DNA included, fans have been notorious with EXO’s matters of privacy, physically, emotionally, and electronically.

It is said that if you google EXO online, such results as these come up: “EXO sasaengs,” “EXO sasaeng shocking stories,” and “What EXO sasaengs did,” among others. After all, fans know addresses, locations, and cell phone numbers, as well as how to install cameras or invade in men’s restrooms or airplanes and take their desired pictures with the members. Almost nothing is an obstacle – distance, time, money, and difficulty, can all be overcome by these fans.

Stories about EXO sasaengs have been nonexistent for several months up until now, so fans could only guess what has been constantly occurring under the radar.

Regarding the topic, EXO commented through an interview, “[The situation about] Sasaengs is serious. More than affecting us, it makes us angry whenever they harm someone that is in no way related to us or the situation,” adding, “It is disheartening that since EXO is famous for its sasaeng fans, all fans, loyal or obsessed, are under the same title.”

The activities of sasaeng fans affect not only the group, but fans, staff, loved ones, and special events.

What do you think should be done about EXO’s sasaeng fans?

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Hideto aka “Sakai Hidetoshi” {Former Amber Bullet – Rarirurero” (ラリルレロ) Had Died

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Posted: Saturday June 21, 2014 @ 5:33 p.m PST


hideto, former member of Japanese band Amber Bullet, has passed away on June 18th.

Back in January 2011 the bassist already took a break from live performances due to poor physical health. But we don’t know if the cause for his death is related to his poor health back in 2011 because until now the cause for his death hasn’t been revealed.

Three years after Amber Bullet’s disbanding in April 2011 hideto, real name “Sakai Hidetoshi“, joined a new project named “rarirurero” (ラリルレロ) and was active as bassist until his death.

Hideto, Former Member of Amber Bullet, has Passed Away

Taeyeon {Girls’ Generation} Apologizes For Dating Baekhyun {EXO}

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Source: jpopasian – Aysohmay

Media: jpopasian – Aysohmay

Posted: Saturday June 21, 2014 @ 5:07 p.m PST


Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon has apologized profusely on social media for hurting her fans after her relationship with EXO‘s Baekhyun was revealed.

SONEs. You were very shocked and hurt today because of me, right? I’m very sorry for making you feel things you should not have had to feel. I’m sorry for the article that came out today because I was not more careful. I really want to apologize. I’m really sorry for hurting you,” she wrote on Instagram.



Girls' Generation's Taeyeon Apologizes For Dating EXO's Baekhyun

Jiyeon {T-ara} Last Broadcast For ‘Never Ever’ on SBS MTV’s ‘The Show: All About K-Pop,

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Source:Koreaboo – Star News

Media: Koreaboo – Star News

Posted: Saturday June 21, 2014 @ 4:22 p.m PST


Jiyeon will now finalize her promotions for “Never Ever” on “The Show: All about K-pop” this Sunday, June 22nd.


A few hours earlier, a representative from their agency, Core Contents Media, shared to Star News, “Jiyeon will perform her last broadcast for ‘Never Ever’ on SBS MTV’s ‘The Show: all about K-Pop,’ later tomorrow.” The edited episode will then be shown through television and media on Tuesday, June 24th. This will give relatively two weeks of extra time for Hyomin to prepare following Jiyeon’s success with her first solo.


Jeon Hyebin {Korean Actress} Swimsuit Photo On Nylon Magazine

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Media:Koreaboo – NYLON

Posted: Saturday June 21, 2014 @ 3:55 p.m PST


Photo shoots of actress Jeon Hyebin in Nylon Magazine’s July edition have been revealed.


On the 20th of June, Jeon Hyebin’s swimsuit photo shoot for the July edition of Nylon Magazine Korea were revealed, in which the photo shoots appeared to be on a rooftop swimming pool.

In the photo shoot, she posed in a rash guard as well as one-piece bikini, showing off her fit physique.

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Idina Menzel Wardrobe Gone Wrong

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Posted: Saturday June 21, 2014 @ 3:25 p.m PST


 Idina Menzel  keep her cool at the Oscars when John Travolta changed her name to “Adele Dazeem” just before her big moment, she was completely unfazed when Hugh Jackman decided to sit in her lap during this year’s Tony Awards.

Adding to her list of calmly dealing with curve balls, she handled a wardrobe malfunction on June 16 with humor and grace.