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Posted: June 3, 2014 @ 6:10 p.m PST


Blakdyak was arrested by operatives from the Quezon City Police District (QCPD) in Cubao after he allegedly went berserk at an apartelle.

According to the apartelle’s caretaker, Nelson Belesario, Blakdyak had checked into one of the units last week. He just suddenly reappeared at the compound that morning. “Parang lasing s’ya(He seemed to be drunk),” Belesario said.

Belesario, who also stays in one of the apartelle’s units, was alarmed when Blakdyak started kicking his door. Blakdyak then went on to kick Belesario’s car, which was parked inside the apartelle’s compound.

The next thing Belesario and the other employees of the apartelle knew, Blakdyak had managed to get hold of some pieces of wood. He proceeded to wave them around, threatening those who came near him. One of the witnesses described Blakdyak’s moves as “parang arnis (like arnis).”

Blakdyak then closed the apartelle’s gate. He blocked everyone, including the other apartelle occuppants, from leaving.

The apartelle’s CCTV footage confirms Blakdyak’s manic meltdown.