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JYJ’s Yoochun celebrated his 29th birthday (28th internationally) with 6,002 fans during his first solo fan meeting in Korea!

C-JeS Entertainment stated on June 5, “In honor of his birthday [on the 4th], Yoochun held his first solo fan meeting ‘House Warming Party’ with domestic fans. During this fan meeting, which was held in KINTEX, Ilsan, Yoochun and his fans spent a meaningful time together that they were unable to have before in Korea on his birthday on June 4. [The event] was sold out within 15 minutes of ticket sales, and the birthday party ran for three hours with the fans’ hot response.”

Yoochun was welcomed on stage with a birthday cake in front of the 6,002 fans in attendance who sang “Happy Birthday” and waved glow sticks. Yoochun was touched and shared, “Thank you to the many fans who came out.” His JYJ members

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