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Posted: Saturday June 7, 2014 @ 5:52 p.m PST


Psy’s teaser for his upcoming new song, “Hangover” was revealed on “Jimmy Kimmel Live: Game Night” on the 6th of June, in which it gathered worldwide attention as soon as it was aired.


On the 6th of June at 1:30 pm KST, Psy’s official YouTube channel uploaded a preview of “Jimmy Kimmel Live: Game Night”, in which it provided a worldwide sneak peek of his upcoming music video for “Hangover”, featuring Snoop Dogg.

Just 20 hours after being uploaded, at 10:25 am KST on the 7th of June, the view count of the preview was at 643,315 views, in which the comments section of the video showed that people from all over the world had watched the video.