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Hwang Hyunjin aka “이겨”, or “Eegyo” {World Cup Star, Hwang Sunhong} Daugther To Debut In Group “Ye.A” July 18th

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Media: Koreaboo

Posted: Monday July 7, 2014 @ 10:05 p.m PST


Hwang Hyunjin, daughter of World Cup Star, Hwang Sunhong, and leader of the group, will be debuting under the stage name, “이겨”, or “Eegyo” which means “Win”.

The girl group will be an 8-member group all with separate but complementing skills and charm. Hwang Hyunjin, who has been receiving training for quite some time now, has been training her dancing, and vocals skills as well as her ability to speak English and Japanese.

Kiroy Y Group revealed in a statement,  ”Eegyo is a very skilled and amazing member. She and the rest of her members will be working their absolute hardest to show future fans their best side. Please give them a lot of interest and wait for their debut.” She will be debuting in the group Ye.A on July 18th!



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Jaejoong Crying On “Triangle” Triggered Real Life Stronger Emotions

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Source:Koreaboo – enews/iMBCOSEN, and Newsen via Nate News

Media: Koreaboo – enews/iMBCOSEN, and Newsen via Nate News

Posted: Monday July 7, 2014 @ 9:40 p.m PST


According to enews, Jaejoong continued to shed tears after filming a scene for the current Monday-Tuesday MBC drama, “Triangle.”


The scene was to portray his character, Heo Yeongdal, shedding tears while thinking of the brothers that he had been split from during childhood.

However, the effort that Jaejoong put into the part to make it seem as real as possible seems to have touched upon past memories that triggered stronger emotions.

Back in February 2013, Jaejoong’s mother talked about her family life with Jaejoong and his older sister on MBN’s “Life Theater of Touching Stories.”

In it, she had mentioned that when Jaejoong was five years old, his birth mother, Oh Seojin, had made arrangements for him to live with a more financially stable family. Thus, he grew up with and debuted under an adopted family, in which he had grown accustomed to.

Several years later, Oh Seojin remarried and gave birth to Jaejoong’s half-sister and half-brother. Meanwhile, Jaejoong carried out his career as a Hallyu singer and actor under TVXQ.

His birth father also filed a lawsuit concerning Jaejoong’s birth name, and that it had been changed. In response, Jaejoong stated that he wished to keep his current name, rather than his birth-name Han Jaejoon. His previous agency, SM Entertainment, also commented that by then, Jaejoong was on good terms with both of his mothers, and had met his birth family a few times on occasion.

Nonetheless, Jaejoong showed positive stances and resolved feelings in face of the media throughout all the headlines and question.

Media and fans alike inferred then that though Jaejoong showed an overall positive image throughout his career, the scars of his birth family and his half-siblings still continue to hurt him.

“Triangle” is Jaejoong’s last on-screen work prior to enlisting in the Army along with fellow JYJ member Yoochun.


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Zac Efron,26, and Michelle Rodriguez,35

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Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez were reportedly spotted kissing in Sardinia Sunday.

The 26-year-old actor recently jet to the Mediterranean island for a vacation with pals, including the 35-year-old actress.

But Just Jared reports the pair seem to be much more than friends, and were snapped stealing a kiss while enjoying a boat ride off the coast.

According to the outlet, Zac and Michelle were surrounded by friends, including Italian businessman Gianluca Vacchi.

The group has been vacationing for more than a week.

BEAST (B2ST) {Kpop} “Good Luck” 1st on Hanteo’s Weekly Chart 3rd Week In a Row

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Source: Koreaboo – Osen

Media: Koreaboo – Osen

Posted: Monday July 7, 2014 @ 4:57 p.m PST


BEAST’s 6th album, “Good Luck” has been ranking 1st on Hanteo’s weekly charts for the 3rd week in a row.


“Good Luck” ranked 1st on Hanteo’s weekly chart for the first time on the 16th of June, the day it was released, and has since been ranking 1st on the weekly charts for the 3rd consecutive week on the 6th of July.

With their winning streaks on all of Korea’s mainstream and cable music programs such as M! Countdown, Music Bank, Music Core, Inkigayo and Show! Champion, BEAST’s 1st place on Hanteo’s weekly charts for the 3rd week has further proven BEAST’s popularity and large fandom.

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“Super Junior World Tour Super Show 6” Starting September 20th

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Source: Koreaboo – Osen

Media: Koreaboo – Osen

Posted: Monday July 7, 2014 @ 4:43 p.m PST


Super Junior will be holding yet another world tour in September.


Titled “Super Junior World Tour Super Show 6”, Super Junior will be touring cities in Japan, China and Thailand starting from the 20th of September in Seoul, and their leader Leeteuk will also be performing after he is discharged from his mandatory military service on the 29th of July.

Super Junior will be holding their 6th individual concert this time, in which their concerts are even branded with the name “Super Show”.

Having held 3 Asia tours and 2 world tours since 2008, fans are greatly anticipating another Super Show of theirs, as they are widely known to be full of exciting and unique stages and performances.

Currently, Super Junior are preparing for their world tour, and are also planning on releasing their 7th official album some time soon.

[News] 140707 “Triangle” Extended with Two More Episodes

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MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Triangle” has been extended with two episodes to properly wrap up the exciting story.

A representative of MBC revealed to Star News on July 7, “The actors and producers recently discussed extending the drama. They decided on producing two more episodes.”

Originally planned to be 24 episodes long, “Triangle” will finish its run after 26 episodes. Instead of airing its final episode on July 22, the finale will air on July 29. Consequently, the follow-up drama “The Night Watchman” has been forced to pushed back its premiere to August 4.

“We have six episodes left until the end, but a lot of stories are yet to be explained, and thus we decided to extend the drama,” the representative explained.

“Triangle” is currently in the stages of unraveling the truth behind the birth of the three brothers, Jang Dong Soo (Lee Bum Soo), Heo Young Dal (Kim Jae…

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