4L {New Kpop Girl Group} 4 Members “Move” Lesbian Theme

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Source:Koreaboo – Four Ladies and NewsWay

Media: Koreaboo – Four Ladies and NewsWay

Posted: Tuesday July 29, 2014 @ 8:51 p.m PST


4L releases a sexy music video teaser for “Move”!

On July 29th, rookie girl group 4L recently revealed a sexy music video teaser for their debut mini-album, “Move”!

4L represents “Four Ladies” and consists of members Chani, Yeseul, Jayoung, and Jeina. Set with a lesbian theme, “Move” opens with a dramatic, teary eyed face with runny mascara. Then, the teaser climaxes with two females hugging and holding each other seductively, even unbuttoning one another’s clothes.

The agency revealed that the teaser only shows “the tip of the iceberg” and viewers can expect more intense scenes from 4L.

Fans can expected a second teaser on July 31st and the full music video to be released on August 4th.



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