Dohee {Tiny-G} Does Not Like “Skinny Guys” Her Ideal Type Is “Seo Inguk”

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Posted: Wednesday August 27, 2014 @ 6:17 p.m PST


Tiny-G recently appeared on corner cable channel’s MBC Every1 “Weekly Idol” on August 26, where Dohee revealed her ideal type.

The MC asked the group’s ideal types to which singer-turned-actress Dohee revealed without hesitation to be actor/singer Seo Inguk. She further adds the reasons he is her ideal type, saying, “He has a good body figure and sing well.”

She further emphasizes that she does not like “skinny guys.”

Jung Hyungdon follows her comment with “You sure you’re not talking about Seo Inguk and not So [cow] Inguk?” making everyone laugh.

Meanwhile, Tiny-G has wrapped up activities for their latest single “Ice Baby.”


*Used With Permission

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