Ferlyn To Leave {SKarf} To Become Leader Of An Upcoming K-Pop Girl Group

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Source:Koreaboo –  The New Paper (TNP), @markingtuan

Media: Koreaboo –  The New Paper (TNP), @markingtuan

Posted: Tuesday September 16, 2014 @ 5:31 p.m PST



SKarf member Ferlyn will be leaving her current group in order to become a leader for a new and upcoming K-Pop girl group by the next Chinese New Year.

Alpha Entertainment’s girl group SKarf (2012) is comprised of Korean members Jenny and JooA, Singaporean members Ferlyn and Tasha, and Japanese member Hana, who is of Japanese nationality and grew up in Korea.

It has been reported by Singaporean media portal The New Paper (TNP) that Ferlyn will be leaving her current group in order to become the leader for a new K-Pop group, who will be singing songs in both Mandarin and Korean in hopes to make a new break in the Asian market.

The agency further reveals that they will be collaborating with Singaporean songwriters and choreographers in order to promote the new girl group. While Alpha Entertainment will focus on marketing and promoting both SKarf and the upcoming group, they will be managed by iGlobal Star.

The girl group has not been given a name yet, and a search for the remaining members will begin via auditions in Singapore for local talent. There are also plans to find members in Korea and other Asian countries. But, there is a possibility for SKarf members may also leave the group to join the new one as well.

Prior to the new girl group’s debut, it was revealed through TNP that Ferlyn will release her first solo album around Christmas. She says to the media outlet, “As for going solo, I am very thankful to my company for this opportunity to go further as an artist. But at the same time, it is very stressful as the focus will be on me for this solo album.”

“As for the new group, I hope I will be able to play the role as a leader well and to achieve that, I will keep on trying to improve myself.”

She adds the new girl group will bring fresh ideas and look to the K-Pop genre. “We look forward to giving K-Pop fans better music and entertaining performances.”

Alpha Entertainment’s Chief Executive Alan Chan reveals to TNP, following the debut of the new girl group, the agency is looking to debut a new male group as well.

He says to TNP, “Our aim from Day One has always been to have as many Singaporeans in these groups as possible, but market them using the Korean training and marketing system. We have always wanted to create something different and be a leader rather than a follower.”

“We strongly believe that Singapore has very good talent.”

What do you think of this change? Are you excited for Ferlyn leading a new group?


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