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15 K-Pop Idols Who Went Topless For Photoshoots { Lee Hyori,Yoon Eunhae and More}

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While most K-Pop idols are known for their unique photoshoots and more intricate fashion styles, there are some pretty sexy shoots as well! Unknown to many fans, there are K-pop idols who have taken modeling to new levels of sexy, and participated in artistic topless photo shoots. This list of 14 Shocking Topless Photoshoots By Kpop Idols will undoubtedly surprise even the biggest of K-pop fans. Could your bias be on the list?






10 Korean Phrases You Should Learn Before Visiting Korea

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Visiting Korea


1. 안녕하세요 (annyeonghaseyo) – Hello

The most basic thing you can say as a conversation starter is “hello.” Even if you don’t know how to strike up a full conversation with someone, it’s always useful to say hello when you’re entering a store or a restaurant.


2.  합니다 (joe-song-ham-ni-da) – Sorry

Not used to the way things work in Korea? In a rush and accidentally bump into someone? You can never go wrong with a simple “I’m sorry” if you’re ever stuck in an unfavorable situation.


3. 주세요 (ju-se-yo)  – Please/Please give me

When you’re asking someone in the store for something or ordering something on menu, say “juseyo” at the end of whatever you want and you’ll be sure to get it.


4. 반갑습니다 (ban-gap-sum-ni-da) – Nice to meet you

After striking up a conversation with someone after saying hello, it is polite to continue with, “nice to meet you” before you say anything else.


5. 잠시만요 (jam-shi-man-yo) – Give me a second/Hold on

Busy with a task while someone is bothering you to answer their question? To get them to stop talking for a moment tell them “jamshimanyo” which is equivalent to “hold on” or “give me a second.”


6. 감사합니다 (kam-sa-ham-ni-da) – Thank you

Just like in other countries, once someone does a favor for you, you must say “kamsahamnida” which is the formal method of saying “thank you.”


7.어디예요 (o-di-ye-yo) – Where is it

If you ever get lost in Korea and you’re looking for a specific place and you don’t know how to get there, don’t be afraid to ask someone where it is. Simple say the place or thing you are looking for, followed by “odiyeyo.” If you’re looking for Namsan Tower you would say “Namsan Tower + odiyeyo.”


8. 얼마예요(ol-ma-ye-yo) – How much is it

Similarly, if you’re looking to buy something but there’s no price tag on the object, simply say the name of the object followed by “olmayeyo” to ask how much it costs.


9. 이것 (i-geot) – This

When you don’t know how to read something on the menu but you like the picture that you see, you can still point out what you want. When you point out something specifically you say “i-geot” which means “this.”


10. 한국말 잘 못해요 (han-guk-mal jal mot-hae-yo) – My Korean isn’t very good.

Finally, if you ever feel like you will struggle to remember all these phrases, if someone approaches you to ask a question you can simply say, “han-guk-mal jal mot-hae-yo” which means “My Korean isn’t very good.” People in Korea study English in school so there is a chance that they will try to speak to in English instead.


Shin Hae Chul’s {Veteran Korean Singer} Funeral Photos

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Posted: Thursday October 30, 2014 @ 8:41 p.m PST


Heartbreaking photos from Shin Hae Chul’s funeral in South Korea have begun emerging as the rites are underway in light of his passing. On October 31st, emotional scenes from Shin Hae Chul’s funeral have been captured by the press, as photos from Seoul Asan Medical Center have been released. Heartbreaking scenes including the iconic rocker’s friends such as PSY, Yoon Jong Shin, Seo Taiji, Lee Eun Sung, Yoon Do Hyun and more.

Shin Hae Chul, also known as “The King of Darkness” in South Korea, passed away on October 27th. It was reported that the singer passed away after receiving surgery on October 22nd after complying of heart and abdominal pain and has been unconscious since. With the ongoing funeral ceremony, the family has expressed that they will be pursuing a lawsuit against the hospital for alleged medical malpractice.

Shin Hae Chul will be cremated at Seoul Memorial Park and will be laid to rest at Utopia Memorial in Anseong, Gyeonggido.



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Shin Hae Chul’s Family To File Lawsuit Over His Death

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Media:Koreaboo – SBS

Posted: Thursday October 30, 2014 @ 5:49 p.m PST


On October 30th, the family members of Shin Hae Chul released their official statement regarding his death.  They stated that they would be pursuing a lawsuit against the hospital, for their alleged medical malpractice.

According to the relatives of Shin Hae chul, he received additional surgery without adequate explanation while undergoing his initial enteroplasty surgery.

Kim Hyungul, the representative for the family members had this to say:

“We heard from the doctors that he received stomach reduction surgery which we hadn’t been notified of before. It has been said that Shin Hae Chul himself voiced objection to the doctor regarding the non-consented surgery.”

The family members are claiming that although Shin Hae Chul went through pain and high fever after his surgery, the treatment by the hospital regarding Shin Hae Chul’s health was lacking.

Kim Hyungul:

“We believe that correct treatment and prescription wasn’t exercised after his surgery, when he was in pain with high fever.  The person who was previously healthy died five days after surgery. Of course we have to question the incorrect judgment of the hospital, and whether they should be responsible for his death.”

The family members are seeking responsibility from the hospital for the alleged mistreatment.

Regarding the family members’ statements, the hospital also released their own statement as well.

Hospital law representative:

“I am responsible for this case, but I am unable to confirm all of these claims. If they manage to use the court of law, we must also respond as well.”

Regarding the autopsy of the body, the family members stated that there won’t be any problems since there are already records from Hyundai Asan hospital.

The family members are expected to release their official statement regarding the matter tomorrow morning with their thanks to everyone who has sent their condolences.

Prince Harry Joins Royal British Legion Appeal

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Prince Harry today joined supporters of the Royal British Legion’s London Poppy Day Appeal as their 1960 Routemaster Bus made the forecourt of Buckingham Palace its first stop.

Harry, a serving soldier, joined Victoria Cross recipient Johnson Beharry, singer Joss Stone and actress Barbara Windsor on the classic bus at the start of the fundraiser.




Annabelle Rama Gives Up On Ruffa Guttierez’s Love Life

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Days after expressing her frustration over Ruffa Gutierrez’s love life, Annabelle Rama took to social media again to further explain why she frowns on the man her daughter is dating.

“Ayokong maulit ang nangyari sa kanya sa ex-husband nya (Turkish businessman Yilmaz Bektas). Kasi nakikita ko itong bagong lalaki sa buhay niya na carbon copy sa ex nya sa pagsasalita at sa kilos. Mabait lang sa umpisa pero pag nagtagal na nag-iiba na ang ugali,” Annabelle tweeted on Wednesday, October 28.

Annabelle seems to have given up on Ruffa’s love life.




Robbie Williams {Singer} and wife Ayda Fields 2nd Baby

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Robbie Williams’ wife Ayda Fields has gone into labour with the couples’ second child – and rather than just announce this and sit quietly with his wife while she prepares to give birth, Robbie has decided to live tweet the important occasion.


Wowie de Guzman {Ex-Matinee Idol} and Baby “Alexandra Rafealle” After Wife “Sherryl Anne Reyes’s” Death

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Perhaps no one will ever be ready for a loved one’s death. This is especially true for Wowie de Guzman, who lost his wife early this year for a still unknown cause.

The 37-year-old actor married Sherryl Anne Reyes in July last year. His 26-year-old wife gave birth to their daughter,  Alexandra Rafealle, last March 27. Sherryl Anne died a month later.


Kris (Wu Yifan) Former EXO Unable To Find a New Entertainment Company

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Former EXO member Kris has yet to sign with any label or agency contracts after leaving the group and pursuing his career in China, despite approaching some of the largest Chinese entertainment companies.Industry officials estimate that Luhan, who also recently filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment for the nullification of his contract, will also face similar obstacles as Kris.

It has been five months since Kris filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment and left to China. However, Kris is currently unable to find a new entertainment company.

According to Chinese industry officials, Kris first approached YUEHUA Entertainment, one of the top entertainment company in China, but was rejected when trying to land a contract. Kris later also met with Huayi Entertainment, but it seems that it wasn’t easy for him to get a contract. It seems that even the large companies, having the ability and power to shed Kris’s image as a “deserter” and make him a star, are hesitant in signing with him.

Because China doesn’t have South Korea’s idol developing and marketing system, China’s few large corporate like entertainment companies have a great deal of influence and power in the industry. But it seems that the two largest companies’ decisions not to sign with Kris will be a bump on the road for him in chasing the dream to become the “second Hangeng”. Former Super Junior member Hangeng (Hankyung) has reached the peak of his stardom in China after filing the same lawsuit against SM Entertainment back in 2009.


Kris Wu Yifan


TVXQ {Yunho & Changmin} “T1ST0RY” Tour (“TVXQ”, “10” and “history”)

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TVXQ invited Cassiopeia to come to their 2-day Seoul live tour titled “T1SToRY” this December, which will take place at the Olympic Park Gymnastic Stadium on December 6th at 4pm KST and December 7th at 6pm KST.

Replaying back to their earlier successful performances, their video message definitely left fans excited as TVXQ will be showcasing their cool charisma on stage, something to look forward to in their upcoming local concert tour.

Greeting fans, Yunho and Changmin announced the details of their concert, and how they have been diligently preparing to be able to share a memorable experience with Cassiopeia.

This live concert will be commemorating their 10th year since debut, as the tour’s title “T1ST0RY” is made up of the words “TVXQ”, “10” and “history”.


Tickets for the concert will be available for purchase via G-Market today on October 28th.

TVXQ T1ST0RY teaser


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Joo Won {Actor} Stars In KBS Drama “Tomorrow Cantabile” As {Cha Yoo Jin}

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Posted: Monday October 27, 2014 @ 4:12 a.m PST


KBS drama Tomorrow Cantabile star Joo Won left a post of encouragement on his Twitter account, urging fans to watch the drama, which began airing on October 13th.

On October 26th, the popular actor tweeted, Tomorrow Cantabile~ Tomorrow you’ll be able to hear a proper symphony by the hero Beethoven~~ ^^Let’s watch!~”.

Joo Won stars in the new drama as the pianist Cha Yoo Jin opposite of Shim Eun Kyung, who plays Seol Na Il. The two and others showcase their exquisite musical talents and performances in various episodes.

Unfortunately, the drama has drawn lower ratings then expected with the debut episode reaching 8.5%, and has been lowering in subsequent episodes: 7.4%, 5.8% and the fourth episode drawing 6.1% ratings.

Tomorrow Cantabile is a Korean adaptation of the Japanese drama and manga Nodame Cantabile.

Joo Won "Tomorrow Cantabile"

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Roy Kim “2014 ROYKIM LIVE TOUR – HOME” He Misses Being Able To Date Freely

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Media: Koreaboo – TV Report

Posted: Monday October 27, 2014 @2:14 a.m PST


Roy Kim began his nationwide tour with “2014 ROYKIM LIVE TOUR – HOME” concert in Seoul on October 25th and 26th, where he confessed his feeling of regret of not being able to have a normal date again.

The singer performed his popular songs during his concerts including “How are You” and “If You Love Me”, and turned into a talking mood after performing.

Roy Kim started by stating, “I’ve performed for a long time, but never had celebrities coming to the concert. Now I know a number of celebrities since I’m in the industry, and in this next song, they will probably know what it feels like to be famous.”

Roy Kim performed his song “In Autumn”, and explained the song saying that the song depicts a situation where a person cannot enjoy the daily moments of happiness. Roy Kim stated, “I used to date freely on the streets, but it seems like I can’t do that anymore due to my busy schedule and because I’m a celebrity.”

Roy Kim

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Marcia Strassman {Julie Kotter- Welcome Back Kotter} Has Died

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Actress Marcia Strassman has died at the age of 66 after a long battle with breast cancer, her sister Julie Strassman confirmed. Though Marcia Strassman acted in a wide range of TV shows and feature films, she was best known for her lead roles in the TV show Welcome Back Kotter and the comedy feature Honey I Shrunk the Kids and its sequel, Honey I Blew Up the Kids.



Shin Hae Chul {Veteran Singer} Cardiac Arrest “Unconscious Seoul Asan Hospital”

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Posted: Saturday October 25, 2014 @ 9:30 p.m PST


Veteran singer Shin Hae Chul recently underwent surgery after being sent to the emergency room for a cardiac arrest. Upon being sent to the emergency room, he successfully completed a three-hour surgery, as reported by his agency KCA Entertainment.  In light of the shocking event, friends such asSeo Taiji, PSY, Lee Seung Hwan, and more have expressed their anxious feelings and desires for him to wake up, and fully start recovering from the accident.

Shin Hae Chul


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Kaye Abad In a New Relationship With “Paul Jake Castillo” After Breakup {Guji Lorenzana}

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Guji, “I don’t think she was ashamed (of me), she was not just ready. Now she is, so I’m happy for her.”

Guji also shared that he noticed Kaye and Paul Jake’s closeness even before the break up.

“As a boyfriend, when I look back, I was wondering medyo close sila, but I’m not gonna judge na bawal nang maging friends with someone else kasi friend ko din naman si Paul Jake that time. I just hoped siguro na when it all ended na nag-open up siya sa akin na may gusto siya kay Kaye. But it’s okay kasi it’s all over now.”

he two are already into new relationships — Guji with interior designer Chesca Nolasco and Kaye, with Paul Jake Castillo.

KARA {K-Pop} Japan Tour With New Member “Young Ji”

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Posted:Saturday October 25, 2014 @ 5:02 p.m PST


On October 24th, KARA successfully launched their first stop of their Japan tour “KARASIA“, their first public tour in Japan after regrouping.

It was reported that the first concert was packed showing KARA’s consistent popularity in Japan. The fans were frenzied with the stage studded with KARA’s hit-songs including “Mamma Mia,” “Mister”, “Pretty Girl”, “Step”, “Jet Coaster Love”, “Go Go Summer” and with many more fancy performances. Aside from staging their hit tracks, the group also prepared special solo and duet stages for their fans.

During the concert, KARA expressed their gratitude to their fans and was quoted saying, “We are so happy to meet you guys again in a long time. We are really glad. We are so impressed and appreciate to see you all having fun! Hope to provide you guys with more good songs.” KARA’s new member, Young Ji expressed her amazement as well, “I will never forget today. I hope you all remember this day too. I will try my best.”

In late June, DSP Media held a special survival program to choose a new member to join KARA after Kang Jiyoung and Nicole Jung left the agency after their contract expired, where newest member Young Ji was selected. Recently, KARA made a comeback with 6th mini-album Mamma Miain August together with Young Ji.

Meanwhile, KARA will make 7 stops, including, Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, Kanazawa, and Niigata, with total of 10 concerts during “KARASIA” Japan Tour.



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