Cha Seungwon {Korean Actor} Recent Paternity Suit

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Source:Koreaboo – SportsSeoul

Media: Koreaboo – SportsSeoul

Posted: Monday October 6, 2014 @ 6:39 p.m PST


As Cha Seungwon sends out his official statement regarding the recent paternity suit filed against, netizens have expressed their support throughout his ordeal.

Earlier today, YG Entertainment spoke in behalf of Cha Seungwon, confirming that Cha Noah, is not the actor’s biological son. The statement was in response to the recent paternity suit filed against the actor, as the complainant claims that he is Cha Noah’s biological father.

In the statement, the agency confirmed that Cha Seungwon married his wife 22 years ago, who was then divorced and had a three year-old. Expressing his commitment to protect his family and keep it intact, he considers Noah as his own son, born from his own heart, proving his affection.

Following the statement, netizens have expression their support to the actor, championing him for standing by Cha Noah and his family. Some of the statement stated,“As expected you are special Seungwon jjang!,” “Cha Noah’s real father is not in his real mind,” “What will happen to Cha Seungwon regarding this matter?” “Cha Seungwon is so amazing. This is so touching.”

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment further asked fans to respect Cha Seungwon and his family for such trying time and prevent further speculations.


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