Yunho,28, {TVXQ Leader} and Seo Yeji, 24 Rumored To Be Dating

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Source:Koreaboo – Sports World, News N, TV Report, and TV Daily

Media:Koreaboo – Sports World, News N, TV Report, and TV Daily

Posted: Friday October 10, 2014 @6:55 p.m PST


TVXQ’s leader Yunho (28) and “Journal of a Nightwatcher” co-star Seo Yeji (24) are rumored to be dating!

An anonymous media rep revealed that Yunho and Seo Yeji are dating, after starring together in their current Monday-Tuesday MBC drama. The two have grown closer while acting together for the production, and have been on dates around the Gyeonggido area during breaks from filming.

However, both agencies have denied the rumors, claiming that the two are merely close co-workers. A representative from SM Entertainment had stated, “The two are merely those who get along well while filming for the drama,” adding, “It’s not true that they’re dating. They are merely co-workers.” Seo Yeji’s agency Imchan Entertainment also asserted, “According to Seo Yeji, Jung Yunho is just a close oppa friend who takes good care of her while filming. The two are not dating.”

Granted, there hasn’t yet been photos from Dispatch, fans, or Instiz; nonetheless, fans are growing in anticipation of the notion that the two may be more than mere coworkers. After all, within their drama, both Yunho and Seo Yeji chase after separate potential partners, making their possible relationship in reality all the more interesting.

An acquaintance has said, “The fact that they’re currently in a sweet relationship had been caught on from the beginning days of filming for the drama. There is the atmosphere of the production to think about, and since they have their own love lines, they are trying their best to not let it tarnish the show. Still, love doesn’t fool. Even their general look is different.”

Other acquaintances have stated, “They’re meeting with good feelings while filming for the drama. They’re a beautiful couple that both share similar concerns of acting [as well],” adding that during the one day of break that they have throughout the week, they frequently meet up and spend time together.

In response, netizens have commented a bit negatively, “What in the world,” “Yunho and Seo Yeji dating, oppa sure is mean,” “I guess all SM does is date now,” “How can this happen.”

Positive comments have shown up as well, such as “I hope they have a beautiful love together,” and “I’m so jealous, everyone but me is dating.”

What are your thoughts on the news?


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