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Joo Won {Actor} Stars In KBS Drama “Tomorrow Cantabile” As {Cha Yoo Jin}

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Source:Koreaboo – TV Report

Media:Koreaboo – TV Report

Posted: Monday October 27, 2014 @ 4:12 a.m PST


KBS drama Tomorrow Cantabile star Joo Won left a post of encouragement on his Twitter account, urging fans to watch the drama, which began airing on October 13th.

On October 26th, the popular actor tweeted, Tomorrow Cantabile~ Tomorrow you’ll be able to hear a proper symphony by the hero Beethoven~~ ^^Let’s watch!~”.

Joo Won stars in the new drama as the pianist Cha Yoo Jin opposite of Shim Eun Kyung, who plays Seol Na Il. The two and others showcase their exquisite musical talents and performances in various episodes.

Unfortunately, the drama has drawn lower ratings then expected with the debut episode reaching 8.5%, and has been lowering in subsequent episodes: 7.4%, 5.8% and the fourth episode drawing 6.1% ratings.

Tomorrow Cantabile is a Korean adaptation of the Japanese drama and manga Nodame Cantabile.

Joo Won "Tomorrow Cantabile"

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Roy Kim “2014 ROYKIM LIVE TOUR – HOME” He Misses Being Able To Date Freely

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Source:Koreaboo – TV Report

Media: Koreaboo – TV Report

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Roy Kim began his nationwide tour with “2014 ROYKIM LIVE TOUR – HOME” concert in Seoul on October 25th and 26th, where he confessed his feeling of regret of not being able to have a normal date again.

The singer performed his popular songs during his concerts including “How are You” and “If You Love Me”, and turned into a talking mood after performing.

Roy Kim started by stating, “I’ve performed for a long time, but never had celebrities coming to the concert. Now I know a number of celebrities since I’m in the industry, and in this next song, they will probably know what it feels like to be famous.”

Roy Kim performed his song “In Autumn”, and explained the song saying that the song depicts a situation where a person cannot enjoy the daily moments of happiness. Roy Kim stated, “I used to date freely on the streets, but it seems like I can’t do that anymore due to my busy schedule and because I’m a celebrity.”

Roy Kim

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Marcia Strassman {Julie Kotter- Welcome Back Kotter} Has Died

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Actress Marcia Strassman has died at the age of 66 after a long battle with breast cancer, her sister Julie Strassman confirmed. Though Marcia Strassman acted in a wide range of TV shows and feature films, she was best known for her lead roles in the TV show Welcome Back Kotter and the comedy feature Honey I Shrunk the Kids and its sequel, Honey I Blew Up the Kids.