Annazette Chase {Annie -Truck Turner} {Belinda Ali -The Greatest} Where Is She Now?

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Source:Wikipedia – Truck Turner


Source:Annazette Chase Filmography – imdb

Media:”Bonus Baby” Episode of “The White Shadows” –

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Annazette Chase was born on December 18, 1941 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Annecetta Williams. She is an actress, known for The Toy (1982), Truck Turner (1974) and Bogard (1974).  According to, IMDb. Chase played “Annie” in the Issac Hayes classic “Truck Turner.”

1982 The Toy Movie, Actor – Angela
1977 The Greatest Movie, Actor – Belinda Ali
1976 The Rockford Files: The Hammer of C Block
Season 2, Episode 14
Episode, Actor – Debbie
1976 Sounder, Part 2 Movie, Actor – Camille Johnson
1974 Truck Turner Movie, Actor – Annie
1973 The Mack Movie, Actor – China Doll



The White Shadow -Bonus Baby Episode “1978”

Title: The White Shadow Full Episode (Bonus Baby)
Description: After winning the Most Valuable Player trophy, Coolidge is easily seduced by a young woman who says a sports agent is interested in promoting his career.
Related Titles: The White Shadow, Bonus Baby
Related Names: Timothy Van Patten, Kevin Hooks, Erik Kilpatrick, Jackie Cooper, Hal Williams, Ed Bernard, Ken Howard, Thomas Carter, Joan Pringle, Nathan Cook
Content Rating: NOT RATED
Video URL:
Courtesy of:

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