Lovelyz {New K-Pop 케이팝 Girl Band} Meet The 8 Members

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Posted: Monday November 3, 2014 @12:04 a.m PST


Woollim Entertainment has finally unveiled their upcoming girl group,Lovelyz. On November 3rd, Woolim revealed the group via their official Twitter page.

A new girl group is in the making! Named Lovelyz, they are Woollim Entertainment’s much awaited first girl group. Lovelyz comprises of eight members and has released their first group shot where all the girls are dressed in their cute school girl outfits.

As pictured from left to right the member’s names are Baby Soul, Yoo Ji Ae, Jin, Lee Mi Joo, Seo Ji Soo, Kay, Ryu Soo Jung, and Jung Ye In. Lovelyz will have a pre-release on November 10th, their showcase on November 12th and finally their debut album release on November 17th. Other than that, not much else has been released yet on the group.

woolim entertainment

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