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Posted: Tuesday November 18, 2014 @ 3:04 a.m PST


On November 17th, American dancer and choreographer, Brian Puspos, left an unhappy message on his Twitter, claiming iKON used his choreography and linking to a video of the said dance. 

Although he has since deleted his tweet, screenshots of his tweet, as well as replies he sent regarding the issue, have continued to circulate online. Brian’s tweet read “My choreo being used once again by the iKON boys. Hey YG, hire the choreographer next time. Stop cutting corners :)” 

In addition, he linked to a clip, which was a video of iKON dancing to “Niliria,” “All of me,” and “Siri Says,” on the 8th episode of MIX & MATCH.





Brian Puspos tweeting abou iKON

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