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“The Interview” Pulled By “Sony” Due To Threats From {Guardians of Peace} U.S Blames North Korea

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Posted:Thursday December 18, 2014 @6:34 p.m PST


On December 17th, Sony Pictures announced that they will be pulling The Interview from its planned Christmas Day release due to terror threats from a group called the Guardians of Peace. Furthermore, the U.S has come out saying that North Korea is behind the massive cyber hack that embarrassed Sony and exposed its employees.

It’s no secret that when news came out about The Interview, which stars Seth Rogen and James Franco, North Korean leader Kim Jung Un was outraged and ordered the movie to not be released. Hollywood, of course, said no and filming and production went on as planned, until November came and Sony Pictures experienced the worst hack in its history when 100 terabytes of data were stolen from its data library. To put that into perspective, the printed collection of the U.S Library of Congress is 10 terabytes itself.


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