Yoo Seung Ho,21, {MBC-Missing You} Reveals Who He Wants To Marry

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Media:Koreaboo – Newsen

Posted:Tuesday December 23, 2014 @ 4:34 a.m PST


Actor Yoo Seung Ho has revealed what his ideal type of woman is, and talked about who he wants to marry in the future during a short interview at his first fan meeting following his military discharge on December 4th.

On December 21st at the White Waterdrop Art Center in Seoul, Yoo Seung Ho held his very first official fan meet following his release from his 2-year mandatory military service, where he answered several questions regarding his military duties, recent whereabouts, and future plans.

When the young actor was asked when his happiest moment while in the military was, he answered, “The moment of freedom right before going to bed after a long roll call.” When asked a silly question such as, “What did you eat do become this handsome?” Yoo Seung Ho answered with a smile, “My mother’s food.

The host of the event asked the actor which female celebrities he missed the most whole serving in the military, to which he gave an honest answer, “I missed them all.

However, when asked about his plans on having a relationship or marriage, the actor answered, “About having a relationship, I’ll let you know when I actually start dating. As for marriage, I’d like someone the same age as me. I can go four years apart, though, if I had to.

The young star also added in regards to marriage, “I want to marry a normal, non-celebrity woman,” where he continued to explain his ideal type, “I like innocent and pure women. After serving in the military, my ideal type changed. Now I like women with long, wavy hair.

Many female fans and netizens have begun despising the fact that they do not fit in the criteria for the actor’s ideal type, leaving playful and joking comments such as, “Seung Ho, you are so much younger than me so you probably won’t like me, but I love you!” “You’re such a perfect guy, but I’m not your ideal type! Sobs!” and, “If only I was your ideal type, Seung Ho!



Yoo Seung Ho

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