Han Chae Young Denies Her Niece Being Her Daughter

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Source:Koreaboo – Newsen

Media:Koreaboo – Newsen

Posted: Friday January 23, 2015 @  5:12 p.m PST


Actress Han Chae Young, known for her doll-like Barbie image, introduced her niece, who is the same mystery little girl, once rumored to be her daughter four years ago.

On January 22nd, Han Chae Young posted a photo of her 8 year-old niece and captioned, “When I went to watch baseball 4 years ago, there was a news that she was my daughter. I was shocked then, but I can’t believe that niece is already 8 year-old now.”

In the photo, the actress and her niece warmly pose side by side with a glowing smile on their faces. In particular, her niece is garnering attention for her spitting similarity of the actress. The netizens’ comments include, “Han Chae Young’s niece is so pretty,” “Her niece just looks like her,” “Her niece should become a childhood actress,” “It’s so good to see them good together,” and more compliments.

Meanwhile, Han Chae Young is currently staying at her mother’s abode back in Chicago.

Han Chae Young

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