Kim Hyun Joo {Actor Lim Chang Jung} Ex-Wife Sues 20 Twenty Netizens For Defamation Of Character

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Posted: Friday April 10, 2015 @ 9:37 p.m PST

It has been reported that, on April 21st, singer and actor Lim Chang Jung‘s former wife,Kim Hyun Joo, has sued twenty netizens for defamation of character.

The netizens have been sued for creating and spreading malicious rumors through an online community regarding the couple’s true story about their divorce. Reportedly, the rumors mentioned that the former wife of Lim Chang Jung has been seeing another person while she was still married to Lim Chang Jung. Furthermore, during that period, Kim Hyun Joo gave birth to their supposedly third son, who has been confirmed to have a different father by a DNA test. As a result, while they were filing for divorce, his wife gained the custody of their third son.

With such malicious rumors, Kim Hyun Joo has been suffering with baseless nicknames, including, “Illicit Lover” and “Divorced after giving birth to a child of another man.” She has testified her innocence that she has not been seeing another person prior to and even post divorce.

Following the rumors, Seoul Gangnam Police Department proceeded to perform an actual DNA test for all three children, only to disqualify the unfounded rumors to be false. The results confirmed that all three children have the corresponding DNA of their father and mother. According to Seoul Contract District Court, ten netizens, who were found via IP address tracing, have been charged as of March 27th. Additionally, ten more netizens were charged afterwards.

Lim Chang Jung

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