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T-ARA’s Sister Rookie Girl Group Is “DIA,” Consist Of Six Members {To Debut August, 2015}

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Source:Koreaboo – Sports Donga

Media:Koreaboo – Sports Donga

Posted:Tuesday June 30, 2015 @ 4:08 a.m PST

MBK Entertainment, house agency of T-ARA and SPEED, has unveiled the official team name for their new rookie girl group.

According to the agency, the team name has been decided as DIA, chosen for the abbreviation for diamond. Similar to that of a diamond, DIA will win and receive love over time and shine like a diamond.

With the team name officially revealed, members Jenny, Chaeyeon, and Yebin in the practice room was shared.

DIA will consist of six members including Eunice, Chaeyeon, Jenny, Eunjin, Yebin, andCathy, and has been confirmed that they will debut this coming August.

It is known already that Eunice specializes in dancing, singing and is also fluent in Japanese, while Chaeyeon previously made an appearance in Elsie‘s (T-ARA Eunjung) solo debut music video, “I’m Good.” Jenny is known for her excellent acting skills and lovely singing voice, and Eunjin is quite proficient in dancing. Finally, Yebin is said to be quite appealing with her husky vocals and Cathy will win fans over with her charisma on stage.


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AOA’s {Kpop} Seolhyun Body Weight

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Posted: Tuesday  June 30, 2015 @ 3:47 a.m PST

In a recent airing of a tvN broadcast airing, AOA‘s Seolhyun was highlighted for having the most beautiful bodies and shared the secret behind her body maintenance.

The episode aired on June 29th, Seolhyun made it in 9th place in the list of most beautiful bodies.

Seolhyun stated, “Dieting is really hard for me. I wanted to stop. I couldn’t eat what I wanted and had to note what I hate, there was even a weight check every morning and evening.”

Additional, it was revealed that Seolhyun’s management behind her body weight was eating a single meal a day. Especially before the shoot of her drama filming, she shared that, “I went on a liquid/drinking diet and did not eat anything I could chew and swallow just like a vampire.”

Netizens who read the article voiced out their shock at her diet, saying:

[+1,329 / -70] Her agency seem to be her anti[-fan]…making Seolhyun do things that will get her hate

[+1,140 / -44] Wow..the idol life is really not for everyone.. I bet she can’t even eat chicken ㅠㅠ

[+1,003 / -30] I just had dinner earlier and already want a snack, I’m feeling a bit pathetic looking at my stomach..

[+785 / -146] Seolhyun is too pretty ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Seolhyun, hang in there ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

[+661 / -40] They aren’t celebrities because they have great bodies but because they go on extreme diets to keep up a good body that they are celebrities


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B1A4 {Kpop} With Sandeul Returns Mid August After a Year Hiatus

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Media:Koreaboo –  OSEN

Posted: Tuesday June 30, 2015 @ 3:35 a.m PST

After nearly a year of hiatus as a group since their last album SOLO DAY, boy group B1A4has announced plans for a comeback scheduled for this August.

According to music industry officials, B1A4 is already in the middle of preparing for their comeback.

With their track’s “Lonely” and “SOLO DAY,” B1A4 has been gaining recognition for their music and abilities, seeing a rise in their popularity.

Most recently, B1A4’s Sandeul has gained recognition for his vocal abilities afterparticipating in MBC’s King of Masked Singer.

Their comeback is currently looking at mid-August.


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SM Entertainment Under Investigation By The {Fair Trade Commission} For Unfair Practices

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Media:Koreaboo – Sports Donga

Posted: Tuesday June 30, 2015 @ 1:45 a.m PST

According to the latest reports by Korean media portals, the Fair Trade Commission(FTC) has launched an investigation against SM Entertainment.

The FTC revealed that they have begun looking into SM Entertainment’s business practices after No Min Woo gave out his opinion and statement to them on June 29th regarding his current dispute with the agency. An official from SM Entertainment was also present and gave out their side of the situation.

The actor’s lawyer said, “Before No Min Woo debuted, SM unilaterally created a contract extension of 17 years. After leaving SM, he began independent activities, but No Min Woo was prevented from appearing on broadcasts.”

No Min Woo made his official debut in 2004 as part of the band The TRAX as the drummer before leaving in 2006 to focus on acting.


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Rain aka Jung Ji-hoon (정지훈) and Kim Tae Hee {Actress} In China

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Source:Koreaboo – JoongAng and Dispatch

Media:Koreaboo – JoongAng and Dispatch

Posted: Tuesday June 30, 2015 @ 1:30 a.m PST

For the first time since making their relationship public, Rain and Kim Tae Hee were spotted attending the same event in China. 

According to reports on June 29th, Rain and Kim Tae Hee were spotted attending the promotional event for JVJQ cosmetics in China on June 28th, making it the first time that both celebrities attended the same public function since announcing their relationship. However, the couple were not spotted together at the event due to the specific order of the program.

A representative from Rain’s side further clarified that Rain and Kim Tae Hee were invited separately along with other Korean personalities.

They returned to South Korea on the same plane from China and to South Korea on June 29th, however, were seen walking off separately with Rain coming off the plane first and Kim Tae Hee following 30 minutes later out the side gate.

Meanwhile, since making their relationship known back in 2013, Rain and Kim Tae Hee soon faced marriage rumours early this year, which was later on denied by their respective agencies.

The actress is currently busy with her comeback drama Yong Palyi scheduled to air in August.

Rain and Kim Tae Hee

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Do Shin Woo (70} {South Korea First Male Model} Found Guilty of Sexual Molestation

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Media:Koreaboo –  Star News

Posted: Friday June 26, 2015 @ 6:28 p.m PST

Widely known in South Korea as its first male model, reports have revealed that Do Shin Woo (70) has been recently found guilty under the charges of sexual molestation.

On June 25th at 5pm KST, the Seoul Eastern District Court, with judge Kim Woo Hyunpresiding over the case, sentenced Do Shin Woo to a fine of 3 million won, or $2,671 U.S dollars, after finding him guilty of sexually molesting a female employee during an international business trip.

Additionally, the judge ordered Do Shin Woo 24 hours of participation in a sexual abuse treatment program.

According to prosecutors, Do Shin Woo called a female employee to his hotel room during a Milan (Italy) business trip last October, telling her, “Let’s greet the local way,”and forced kisses on her with one kiss one both cheeks.

However, Do Shin Woo denied the charges and stated that there was no sexual molestation intended in the kisses and had greeted his personnel similarly.

Do Shin Woo is became one of the very first models in 1984 and has since then become and is currently the CEO of Model Center International. Additionally, he worked as a judge for Asia’s Super Model Contest during 2006 through 2012.


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Joon Park {g.o.d} Ties The Knot

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Media:Koreaboo –  OSEN

Posted: Friday June 26, 2015 @ 6:14 p.m PST

The day has finally arrived! g.o.d‘s Joon Park officially tied the knot with his girlfriend of 13 years.

The g.o.d member greeted the press through a press conference prior to his official wedding ceremony, looking extremely handsome in his tux and was all smiles as he waved and showed off some cute expressions, overall revealing just how excited he was – and possible extremely nervous – for his wedding day.

The press conference took place at the Imperial Palace Hotel at 4pm KST. To the media, he expressed the worries he felt but was extremely happy as to where he is now.

The wedding ceremony was closed off to the media and was a private ceremony. It is reported that the g.o.d members, including Joon Park, will be singing the nuptials with Kim Tae Woo MCing the precious event.


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Richard Matt Shot and Killed {Escaped New York Inmate} David Sweat Still On The Run

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Posted: Friday June 26, 2015 @ 5:40 p.m PST

Richard Matt shot and killed by police


Goo Hara {KARA} Solo Debut

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Media:Koreaboo –  Newsen

Posted:Monday June 23, 2015 @ 12:18 a.m PST

Goo Hara will finally make her solo debut after nearly eight years since joining KARA.

According to multiple music insiders, Goo Hara’s solo debut is scheduled for the third week of July soon after KARA completes activities for “CUPID,” meaning the young female idol will have no time for a rest. However, DSP Media has noted that this may be subjected to change.

According to an exclusive report by Newsen, Goo Hara has already filmed for her solo music video in secrecy on June 22nd. She is preparing to show her potential to stand on stage on her own revealing her cute but sexy side to fans. This has many music industry officials to compare her to Lee Hyori, who also made a similar transition when she made her solo debut with “10 Minutes.”

Goo Hara will be facing strong competition from other girl groups and female singers making their comeback at the end of June and July when it comes to the charts, includingSISTAR, AOA, Girl’s Day, NS Yoon-G, 9MUSES, Girls’ Generation, and much more.

Nam Sang Mi's YouTube

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4TEN {Kpop} Is Now Called “POTEN” New Member Lineup TEM and Yoojin Has Left

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Media:Koreaboo – XSports News

Posted:Sunday June 21, 2015 @ 9:40 p.m PST


On June 22nd, POTEN (previously known as 4TEN) revealed a new member lineup in anticipation for their summer comeback.

The now five-member girl group consists of two original members Hyeji and Hyejin. While TEM and Yoojin seem to have left, Yun, Heeo, and Hajeong have joined in.


While Heeo and Yun were both born in 1994, Hajeong was born in 1997. The three new members are expected to bring their singing and dancing abilities to the stage, ready to bring a new color to POTEN with their talents.

Their group photo gives off a young and fresh vibe as the members don patterned blue outfits that contrast their bold hair colors.

The girls will be returning with “Go Easy” early next month.


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Girls’ Generation’s “Catch Me If You Can” Music vVdeo Featuring Jessica

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Posted:Sunday June 21, 2015 @ 7:15 p.m PST

Fans have recently discovered screenshots from Girls’ Generation’s “Catch Me If You Can” music video featuring Jessica.

Following the release of the SM Entertainment girl group’s track earlier this year, fans speculated that Jessica was meant to be included in the “Catch Me If You Can” comeback after a clip of her singing to the song went viral.

Now these suspicions seem to be confirmed following a leak of screenshots of the music video featuring none other than Jessica. While some say that these are simply edited images, others noted that Tiffany had bangs in these cuts while she had no bangs in the officially released music video.

However, it is reported that SM Entertainment has already contacted the fan who uploaded these photos and will file a lawsuit if the full music video is revealed.



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TEEN TOP {Kpop Male Group} Has Returned

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Posted: Sunday June 21, 2015 4:08 p.m PST

Male group TEEN TOP has returned with their most colorful track and music video yet with “ah-ah,” showing off their quick yet charismatic quickstep choreography.

Released on June 22nd, “ah-ah” is a stylish pop dance track and produced by a Black Eyed Peas producer that will have you dancing from morning to morning.

Taking place at the ah-ah Drive In, the boys of TEEN TOP spot a group of pretty girls at the cafe and attempt to impress them with each members going up to them and showing off their cute dancing skills.

Look forward to their promotions beginning this week!


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Six Members Of “Abnormal Summit” To Leave The Show

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Posted: Saturday June 20, 2015 @ 9:52 p.m PST

JTBC‘s Abnormal Summit will be undergoing a revamp as it nears its 1st anniversary with many of its cast leaving the show.

According to reports on June 20th, members Julian, Robin, Sujan, Ilya, Blair, andTakuya will be leaving the show and will be replaced accordingly as the show is undergoing major revamps before its first anniversary.

Abnormal Summit, also known as Non-Summit, is a television show that features a panel of 12 non-Korean  men living in Korea as they explore Korean culture through the eyes of a foreigner.

The panel previously featured Guillaume Patry (Canada), Ilya Belyakov (Russia),Alberto Mondi (Italy), Zhang Yuan (China), Daniel Lindemann (Germany), Julian Quintart (Belgium), Sujan Shakya (Nepal), Tyler Rasch (United States), Robin Deiana (France), Sam Okyere (Ghana), Blair Williams (Australia), and Takuya Terada (Japan). It also includes three MCs acting as the “Summit” leaders, Jun Hyun Moo, Yoo Se Yoon,and Sung Si Kyung.

The final episode representing the current G12 will air on June 29th with the new G12 group to be introduced on Monday, July 6th at 11pm KST.


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Park Shin Hye {The Heirs} Grandfather Died

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Source:Koreaboo –  TV Report

Media: Koreaboo –  TV Report

Posted: Sunday June 14, 2015 @ 5:49 p.m PST

Recent reports have revealed that actress Park Shin Hye quickly returned home from her schedules in Hong Kong after news of a family member’s death reached her. 

According to Chinese and Hong Kong local media, Park Shin Hye’s grandfather passed away during her one of her scheduled event in Hong Kong on June 13th. That very night, the actress took the next flight home back to Korea.

Park Shin Hye’s agency told TV Report“Park Shin Hye’s grandfather passed away on the morning of June 13th and Park Shin Hye is now at the mortuary with her family.”

She was at a fan meeting in Hong Kong when she received the news and rushed to finish her schedule to be present at the funeral of her beloved grandfather.


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Honey Lee aka Lee Ha-nui Received Threats and Sexual Slander From a Korean Preacher

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Media:Koreaboo – Star News

Posted:Tuesday June 9, 2015 @ 2:48 a.m PST

A Korean preacher in his 40s  has been charged with a prison sentence of 1 year for tweeting threats and sexual slander towards Honey Lee over 290 times.

According to Seoul Central Courts, the preacher (47 years old) was sentenced to 1 year in prison for defamation and blackmailing Honey Lee online.

The preacher had been sexually harassing and slandering  Honey Lee via Twitter on 233 occasions, blackmailing her over 23 times and defaming her 34 times. He started the harassment in February of 2013 and continued until June of the same year utilizing a computer at a university.

He revealed that he liked Honey Lee since 2006 and became obsessed with her in December 2009 when he saw her on stage. He grew angry at the fact that he had no realistic way of approaching her and vented his frustration via SNS.

Honey Lee

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Lee Min Ho {The Heirs-City Hunter} New Film “Bounty Hunters”

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Media:Koreaboo – Sports World

Posted:Tuesday June 9, 2015 @2:30 a.m PST

Actor Lee Min Ho is going to take over Asia once more as he confirms his participation for blockbuster film, Bounty Hunters. 

On June 8th, it was confirmed that Lee Min Ho took the role for the action-comedy film, a collaboration project worth 350 billion won ($311,864,000 USD) between South Korea, China, and Hong Kong. It will start filming this August and will be set in South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, and other countries across Asia.

He will be playing the role of an outgoing character with an adorable, comedic side, and expert martial arts skills.

With the film’s impressive productions staff line-up and story line, it is projected to be one of the most anticipated films of 2016. As the actor is confirmed for the film, speculations are strong to more casting news as a top Chinese actress is said to have been approached for a lead role.

Meanwhile, aside from this film project and casting offer from Zhang Ziyi’s film Eternal Love, the actor is also in the middle of considering his next drama project.

Lee Min Ho "W Korea"

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Yunho {TVXQ} To Enlist In The Military July 21, 2015 “Will He Join Jaejoong In Unit 55?”

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Media:Koreaboo –  Image: SM Entertainment –  Star News

Posted:Tuesday June 9, 2015

Posted on June 8, 2015 @ 1:23 a.m PST

After first denying the rumored date of Yunho’s military enlistment date in initial reports, SM Entertainment has confirmed and revealed the actual date.

Member of popular idol group duo TVXQ, Yunho (29) will be officially bidding farewell to fans on July 21st. This was confirmed by his agency on June 9th after initial reports shared a date of July 6th.

Yunho will be enlisting as an active soldier following his training though the name of the camp was not disclosed. According to a tweet left by SM Entertainment, “TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho will enlist on July 21st. Due to his wishes to quietly enlist, his enlistment date and time will not be published. We would like to sincerely thank you for your continued support and love for U-Know Yunho!”

He first made his debut as the leader of the five-member group TVXQ in 2004 and has since then enjoyed high popularity both in South Korea and overseas as well, particularly Japan.

On June 13th and 14th, TVXQ will be holding their encore and final concert as a duo at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium in Seoul, and Yunho is slated to release his first Japanese solo mini-album in early July (8th) as well.


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“F*ck Mnet” Trends On Twitter Following Removal of EXO’s “Love Me Right” Performance Over 700,000 views Gone

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Posted: Sunday June 7, 2015 @945 p.m PST

Enraged fans caused “F*ck Mnet” to trend on Twitter following Mnet‘s removal of the official performance video and re-uploaded another version of EXO‘s “Love Me Right” from YouTube earlier today. 

Mnet deleted the original “Love Me Right” performance video, which had well over 700,000 views from YouTube before re-uploading the video but effectively erasing all of the view counts from the video.

EXO-Ls had tirelessly worked to promote their group’s video, raising the view count to over 700,000 views in just two days in order to help EXO in their battle to win Mnet’sM!Countdown, which takes into account YouTube views in the scores to determine the winner. Unfortunately, the video now only has approximately 150,000 views, at the time of writing.

Many fans have started to point fingers at Mnet, claiming that the company deleted the video on purpose and that they have also blocked many fancams from the performance.

EXO Love Me Right - SM Entertainment


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