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Song Joong Ki {Actor} Accused Of Frequenting Brothel With Alleged Rapist Park Yoochun {JYJ}

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Media:Koreaboo – Dispatch

Posted:Thursday June 30, 2016 @6:28 p.m PST


While law enforcement authorities are currently investigating sexual assault accusations against JYJ‘s Yoochun, media outlet Dispatch confirmed that he was a regular customer at the adult entertainment facility in which he was accused of rape. 

And because popular actor Song Joong Ki has been known to be friends with Yoochun, rumors arose that the two had frequented the room salon together in the past. In light of this rumor, however, media outlet Dispatch has stepped in and denied these accusations, clarifying that Song Joong Ki was in fact not among the men spotted with Yoochun at the adult entertainment facility.

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Park Yoochun Looks Stressed As He Heads To Police For Investigation

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Source:Koreaboo – TV Report (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Media:Koreaboo – TV Report (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Posted: Thursday June 30, 2016 @ 5:50 p.m PST


JYJ member and actor Park Yoo Chun was captured by the media recently as he made his way to the police station in Samseong-dong on June 30th to cooperate with their investigation regarding the accusations he has been facing.

Yoochun is currently facing rape accusations from four women with a fifth woman revealing she was nearly raped by the actor.

Since the accusations, one of the biggest JYJ fanbase was revealed to have withdrawn their support for Yoochun while many international fanbases, on the other hand, have shown their continuing and endless support for him.

Meanwhile, Yoochun has retained two lawyers for his case one of which is Im Sang Hyuk, the lawyer who handled JYJ’s lawsuit against SM Entertainment after the trio broke off from TVXQ. Currently, Yoochun is in the middle of his military services.



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Park Yoochun {Kpop JYJ} Rape Charges Growing

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Posted: Sunday June 19, 2016 @ 4:06 p.m PST


I support Park Yoochun and JYJ all the way, I know these allegations are false and it’s a way to scam money from him “I Support You Park Yoochun”  : De De Tillman





Park Yoochun {JYJ} Accused Of Raping Woman In Bathroom {BREAKING NEWS}

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Source:Koreaboo –  JTBC 

Media: Koreaboo –  JTBC 

Posted: Tuesday June 14, 2016 @12:24 a.m PST


On June 10th JYJ’s Park Yoochun was sued under the accusation of raping a woman in the bathroom of an adult entertainment establishment.

The woman, Lee, who claims to have been raped by Yoochun is a 24 year old waitress who works at an adult entertainment establishment. The person who submitted the legal accusation against Yoochun was her boyfriend.

Lee’s boyfriend stated, “On the night of the 3rd, Yoochun came to the establishment as a customer and she was forcefully raped in a bathroom at the store.”

The boyfriend also submitted her underwear and clothes that she was wearing at the time as evidence. The police have stated that they are still waiting to hear the story from both sides.

Yoochun’s side have denied all allegations stating, “This is a false one sided accusation that is aimed at financial gain.” His agency official revealed, “Even if he suffers damage to his image we don’t want to get involved in such business. I told them (Lee’s side) that this is the last time I’ll talk to them.”

Gangnam police have stated that they will study the evidence provided by Lee’s side and the CCTV footage before summoning to question Yoochun.


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