Kahi {Former After School Kpop Member} Baby Bump

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Source:koreaboo –  Sports Chosun

Media:Koreaboo –  Sports Chosun

Posted:Tuesday October 18, 2016 @ 1:04 am PST

Soon-to-be mother Kahi shows off how much her baby bump has grown and confesses about the hardships of pregnancy with an elegant pictorial and interview from Elle Magazine Korea.

The Korean installment of Elle Magazine has released one of the best cuts from their photo session with former After School leader, Kahi, which will be used as part of a special campaign dedicated to expectant mothers called, Because Moms Are Women, Too.

In the photos released by the magazine, the star is seen dressed in a casual, yet elegant beige dress that accentuates her pregnant belly. Her famous dimple-smile is also captured in these photos, giving off a glowing “motherly” vibe that makes her look even more radiant than ever.

Despite having entered the third trimester of her pregnancy already, many netizens have noticed that Kahi has shown almost zero signs of weight gain. This has evoked many other expecting mothers like Kahi to wonder how she has maintained such smooth and firm skin on her “D-line” as well as to how she has kept the “baby weight” off with all the food cravings and pregnancy binges that follow.

It turns out that the former idol star has a daily fitness “fit-mom” routine that keeps her in shape. It is said that even during the photoshoot, many Elle Magazine staff members were constantly impressed by the flexibility Kahi displayed while exhibiting her yoga techniques, which can be seen below.

Kahi showing off her "baby bump" in new pictorial for the September 2016 issue of ELLE Magazine Korea.

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