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Crayon Pop’s Soyul To Marry Moon Hee Jun

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Posted: Friday November 25, 2016 @ 6:26 p.m PST

Crayon Pop’s Soyul has confirmed news of her soon-to-be wedding with Moon Hee Jun in a personal letter written to her fans.

Earlier today, news of Moon Hee Jun and Crayonpop Soyul‘s marriage broke out, surprising everyone. Soon afterwards, Moon Hee Jun’s agency Koen Starz, confirmed the news.

The agency revealed, I am sure many of you are surprised by this sudden news. Moon Hee Jun informed his fans with a hand written letter earlier today. His bride-to-be is Soyul, a member of Crayon Pop. [Soyul and Hee Jun] met around 2 years ago and began dating around April of this year. They have grown to trust each other absolutely recently and plan to get married around next February. We will keep everyone up to date if more specific details come up. We would like to congratulate Hee Jun on the news and ask that everyone congratulate the birth of the first ‘Idol Couple’. “

Soyul went on to update her fan cafe page with a hand-written letter, following Moon Hee Jun’s initial announcement.

Read the translated letter below:

Hello this is Crayon Pop’s. Time flies by so fast and it’s winter already. I hope all of my fans are doing well. I am doing very well, thanks to all the love and support you guys are showing me. Today I have some surprising news which I felt you needed to hear first. I am very nervous as I write this… I have met someone who has shown me unconditional love and has cared for me with a warm heart, and I am getting married.

I know this is very sudden but I have thought a lot about this before making such a life-changing decision. I believe that you will support and congratulate my decision. I hope you guys can congratulate our life together as well. The marriage is not going to be an end but I will come back to you guys to repay you for the love you have shown me. I will come back a more mature Soyul. Thank you!


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Lee Min Ho {City Hunter} Has Filed an Official Complaint Against Netizens For Slanderous Behaviour

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Source:Koreaboo – Dispatch

Media: Koreaboo – Dispatch

Posted: Thursday November 3, 2016 @ 7:15 p.m PST


Actor Lee Min Ho has declared war against the netizens once more as he filed an official complaint for their slanderous behaviour. 

In a press release released by MYM Entertainment, the agency stated that they have begun their first wave of legal action against malicious commenters by filing a complain through Gangnam Police Station. The agency elaborated that,  “The worst of the malicious commenters who have spread false rumors about Lee Min Ho and have personally attacked him through slander. Lee Min Ho has suffered defamation and a damage to his image. The fans are also suffering from immense stress.”

It was also strongly stated that the agency and the actor will be taking strong action against those responsible and will not be open to leniency or negotiation.

Currently, the actor is busy filming for upcoming drama, The Legend of the Blue Sea. 

Lee Min Ho "W Korea"

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