Shar Jackson {Actress – Singer} Paired With Mak or Val? On “DWTS” {Vote & Comment}

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Posted: Monday July 3, 2017 @ 12:40 a.m PST


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Actress – Singer Shar Jackson was born in Boston Massachusetts  Jackson played the title character’s best friend, Niecy Jackson on the television show Moesha. She has also appeared in The Bernie Mac Show and My So-Called Life as Crystal. She co-starred in the Nickelodeon movie Good Burger with Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson & more credit to her name According to, Wikipedia.

Jackson will be perfect to be Transformed on ABC’s Hit Show “Dancing With The Stars” as a Ballroom Dancer. It will be exciting  to see her paired with either Val Chmerkovskiy or his brother Maksim chmerkovskiy 

Who would you love to see Jackson paired with? Mak or Val?

I will be adding a Poll to this blog however, in the meantime PLEASE leave a comment on who you would like to see Shar Jackson with on DANCING WITH THE STARS: MAK OR VAL

ATTENTION: SHAR JACKSON FANS TWEET {ABC’s Dancing With The Stars and Let Them Know You Would Love To She Her On The Show and Thanks.

*Used With Shar Jackson’s Permission

5 thoughts on “Shar Jackson {Actress – Singer} Paired With Mak or Val? On “DWTS” {Vote & Comment}

  1. I don’t care who she’s partnered with just as long as she’s on the show 💜. I loved Shar since the Moesha days and still a fan.

      1. Hey Shar! OMG! How are you? I am NOT going to stop until you are on that show. I want to see you on DANCING WITH THE STARS.. I Prefer VAL LOL Its an honor and GREAT hearing from you.. Much Love De De

  2. It would be a dream come true to see Shar Jackson on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars. The big question is, Who will she be paired with MAK or VAL? Hmm, I vote for VAL

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