f(x) Sulli or Suzy: Who Is Prettier?

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Posted: Tuesday August 21, 2018 @ 1:59 am PST

Both girls have been know as the top visuals among girls groups, since Suzy debuted with Miss A in 2010 …And Sulli with f(x) in 2009.

“They are both the visual tops among girl groups. Who do you think is prettier? They are both ’94-liners and are both tall. Sulli is 170 cm and Suzy is 168 cm tall. Judge only on faces, not personality or talent.” — Original Poster

They graduated at the same time and were in the same class at the School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA).

A recent community post asked Korean netizens to vote who was prettier: Sulli or Suzy.

Suzy is known as the “nation’s first love” thanks to her innocent and beautiful appearance.

But for some netizens Sulli’s “princess” like features more than rival Suzy’s



The two developed their own looks around the same time, and both came into their beauty while members of popular idol groups. Not only that, they were often seen wearing the same outfits.

sulli suzy

sulli suzy2

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