iKON’s New Album October 1, 2018

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Source: koreaboo

Media: koreaboo

Posted: Tuesday September 11, 2018 @ 12:28 am PST

The upcoming album, “New Kids: The Final”, will be iKON’s third comeback in this year alone, a significant achievement for a YG artist!

YG Entertainment is known for their strict system of releasing albums and many YG artists have revealed that it is nearly impossible to release a new album until it is deemed perfect.

“New Kids: The Final” is most likely the final album to the “New Kids” series, which includes “New Kids: Begin” (2017) and “New Kids: Continue” (2018}

The talented idol group has made some significant achievements this year at #1 for 43 days in the domestic music charts with their hit song “Love Scenario”.

Their latest song, “Killing Me”, has hit #1 on the iTunes album chart in 24 countries around the world, #1 on the Japanese iTunes album chart as well as K-Pop album chart and #1 on the Chinse Kugou music new K-Pop chart




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